Top 5 Destination You won’t Miss in Delhi

Chandni Chowk

Delhi is one of the most visited places by tourist from across the nation as well as from abroad. It is an ancient city filled with beautiful architecture that makes it a huge attraction for people from all around the world. Another big reason for people to visit Delhi is because of the innumerous shopping markets that are present all over Delhi. These destinations have amazing places for you to pick up different types of apparel and accessories. The shops sport different types of trendy and unique clothing that appeal…

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Oppo F1 Plus: A selfie expert with 4 GB of RAM for Rs. 26,990

selfie expert

Seemingly unnoticed until a while back, this manufacturer has been quick to give us some really impressive devices. Not only has Oppo been offering good value for money but has also been constantly innovating. Earlier they offered a device with swivel camera and a remote which opened up a huge sea of possibilities for people who rely on their mobile devices for photography. The rear camera could swing to front and could be used to shoot excellent self portraits. Now they are trying to push the envelope yet again with…

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Lawn Care Directory

Lawn Care

It is grass mowing time again. You like your lawn to look good. A clean and nicely kept lawn is next to heaven and your the kind of person who really believes that. If you have been doing that kind of lawn work yourself, you might be at a loss as to how to get someone else to do that kind of lawn job for you. There might be several projects involved in getting your lawn to look like a little piece of heaven. Here is how you start to…

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Innovative Uses of Capturing the Lectures

Capturing the lectures has gone viral nowadays, and it is simultaneously helpful too. One can assume it as the most impactful and essential learning aid where one can record the lecture and use in the near future as many as times they want. Another aspect that comes from recording the lecture is that it increases the engagement of students as they have the copy of it, and they can learn and recall it anywhere and anytime they want. There is no such constraints which will put stop to their pace…

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How “Social Profiling” will work in the real world

Social Profiling

It doesn’t matter whether you have met anyone in person or not, today’s enhanced social media usage has permitted even strangers to know a lot about you only by visiting you profiles on social media networks. Whether it’s a date, a job interview or you just walk in to a store, all social data is straightly accessible and viewable in real world scenarios within a matter of fact. These disruptive technologies have created quite a danger for all their users as their profiles and personal information is easily accessible. Profiling,…

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How To Go About Doing Guest Blogging Successfully

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is something that many writers get involved with. Some do really well with it. Others tend to have more difficulty. It’s those people that have this degree of difficulty to whom I am speaking to today. I’m here to help your job be that much easier. Below I have about 3 points that need to be addressed. My hope is that through addressing these finer points you will have a better understanding over the task at hand. BECOME AN EXPERT ON THE BLOG YOU ARE HELPING OUT WITH…

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