How To Go About Doing Guest Blogging Successfully

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is something that many writers get involved with. Some do really well with it. Others tend to have more difficulty. It’s those people that have this degree of difficulty to whom I am speaking to today. I’m here to help your job be that much easier. Below I have about 3 points that need to be addressed. My hope is that through addressing these finer points you will have a better understanding over the task at hand. BECOME AN EXPERT ON THE BLOG YOU ARE HELPING OUT WITH…

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Top 5 Reasons WhatsApp Uses the Encryption Technology


First of all what is encryption. It is scrambling of text to be sent in the form sender to receiver. This renders the data unreadable unless it is decrypted with the right key. On decryption the receiver can now view the information as it was sent. What WhatsApp has done is create an end to end encryption. Meaning even WhatsApp as a company do not see the text in clear. It passes through their servers as encrypted text. This has been a continued effort by WhatsApp to have end to…

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