Top 5 Reasons WhatsApp Uses the Encryption Technology


First of all what is encryption. It is scrambling of text to be sent in the form sender to receiver. This renders the data unreadable unless it is decrypted with the right key. On decryption the receiver can now view the information as it was sent. What WhatsApp has done is create an end to end encryption. Meaning even WhatsApp as a company do not see the text in clear. It passes through their servers as encrypted text. This has been a continued effort by WhatsApp to have end to…

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It’s to pamper the special “him”

When you are a part of such a relationship, you should remember that the responsibility to keep it going lies not on just one person, but it lies equally on both. Merging the good of the two and eliminating the bad, as much as possible, is a good way to keep the flames of love burning forever. So that is why it is important not just for the wives to be showered with care, attention, love and gifts, the husband too deserves them all! The small catch here is that…

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How Mature is Your Risk Supervision?


Companies have been pouring money in to technology, people and processes which can help them supervise and administer the risk. Most organizations have done a fabulous job for enclosing there compliance risks and financial reports. Some of them have streamlined or automated their internal operations and controls which make them feel more protected as a business as they have completed the checklist of observance to regulatory requirements. But what about the other strategic risk areas, like the ones which are related to emerging market entry or the growth strategies for…

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