5 Reasons Automated Software Testing Is Getting Famous

Automated Software Testing

Test automation is a process in which different programs are designed using codes to perform automated search for the software. Many people ask how this is different from manual testing. The difference is- in automation testing, one creates the scenario for testing instead of actually performing it. Test automation helps a lot in regression testing, which is a test to find out bugs in a program. Software testers do not like to perform regression test manually as it takes a whole lot of time. There are companies that provide code-driven…

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Make Your Woman Feel Special This Christmas with These Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas

Christmas is one of the most auspicious and special occasions of the year, where you get to show your love to your loved ones. One of the best things about Christmas is the exchange of gifts between the loved ones. Finding a perfect gift for the occasion of Christmas can be a very overwhelming as well as tiring task. This task becomes even more confusing and complicated when you have to find a gift for a woman. There are many things that one needs to consider before selecting a gift…

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