5 Coolest Mobile Technologies To Try

Coolest Mobile Technologies

Well, I know how much a relief your smart phones are in your daily life. Right from the moment you get up in the morning to the moment you drop with complete exhaust on your bed, your mobile is all the time as close to you and as much like your saviour. I mean, just think, from the alarms, schedules, mails, chats, planners and To-do lists, the mobile phone is one final destination to every issue. So, now that your mobile is so helpful with the work, entertainment shouldn’t be any less, right? Here are a few add ons to your saviour that will be a complete entertainment unit every time you wish for some fun. Have a look –

1. The VR Headsets

The Virtual Reality Headsets. Isn’t it just a boon for us when it comes to cool sci-fi videos and high action graphic games? The VR headsets have become a rage and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t buy one. With Coolpad providing them at a price below 1K, I see no harm in you trying them out. And with the technology on, let the experience take you off the real world to another magical world of pure surprises and action.

2. The Merge Cube

Going with the catchy phrase of ‘The Hologram which you can hold in your hand’, the Holo Cube by Merge VR is one new thing that is a must check out this season. All you need is the right app on your mobile and the VR goggles. And then you experience the Reality on your palm in the form of pure magic. This is Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality all coming together, to show you the simple magic that technology has brought about this generation. A great learning opportunity for kids and an equal fascination for adults. Go buy yours soon.

3. The Camera Clip-Ons

Now that the best of memories are all captured with the mobile phone we all carry with us, why not make them extra special with great accessories. Yes, the camera lenses technology out in the market now is so fascinating that I am pretty sure that you can’t take your eyes off it. The latest fish eye camera and the Clip-ons are a great deal buzz makers in the market. Easy to use and almost perfect for quality shots, they are the perfect accessories for the photographer hidden inside you.

4. The Health Taker

Okay. Here is one for health. I mean, come on, we need it real bad now. With the busy schedules and even more exhausting responsibilities we all carry with us, keeping track of health becomes almost an impossible task for us. And what happens sometimes, that with the exercise we do, the amount that is required might not be enough on a daily average. To help you keep track of your health and the energy you spend to remain fit, The Misfit Shine tracker is all to your rescue. It keeps track of your entire activity and gives an accounted update at the end of the day. Try it for sure.

5. The Music Mania

On the go, to a long road trip or any little party at home and even a lonely evening at work, the Bluetooth speakers are all to the rescue. One latest rage is the cube speakers that are simply portable and easy to use. The Bluetooth speakers are easy to plug with the changeable battery and bluetooth usage. On the go, they come as great rescue to fight away boredom and haunting silences. So, why wait for the party mood? Go for it.

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