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Jewelry is just the right way to fetch existence to furnish and boost your best skin tones. What superior means to do so than to finish your appearance with a bold, stunning and compelling item of statement jewelry?

Statement jewelry is mainly proposed to give pleasure with, but they even can create the entire wrong statements proviso they are not carried appropriately.

The exquisiteness of statement trinkets is that it only captures a solitary piece to compose your complete outfit to be noticeable. The chief and foremost vital thing is to hold it simple and sober. Either you talk about cuff bracelet, cocktail rings, bib necklaces or any additional statement jewelry, they always comes in myriad designs, forms, dimensions, fashions and shades. The can work speculates to add glimpse on your simple and dull outfit. After wearing a statement jewel you are ready to make people flabbergasted.



Here I’m jotting down 5 simple yet tremendous ways to wear statement jewelry:


This is the most significant rule of wearing statement jewels, the bold and dazzling trinkets are supposed to be notable, clearly, so never excess mob your appearance by tiring them within nearness of each other.  So it is sensible to carry one statement at one solo time, but in case if you wish to put on more than one than never consolidate bracelets with rings and a pair of earrings with a statement necklace.

Chandelier earrings and beautiful cuff bracelets seriously complements each other very effectively, whereas a long statement necklace goes greatly with a cocktail ring. Try to find out something that has alike metals.


Immense and bold jewelry always looks good with simple outfit as it allows the jewelry to get easily noticeable. Always think about the verity that is why are you wearing a chunk piece of statement jewelry?   I think you may be wearing it to show off in front of others and to catch every person’s attention. So always wear it with simple attire and make it stand out clearly.

A white color clothe is always best for bold, vivid and multihued jewelry. Try to fasten to impartial and chunk color pieces when carrying off bright and detailed trimmings.




Statement earrings are always a must have ornament in your collection. The beautiful, ornate and dazzling piece cannot be missed. They are the primary thing that grabs the attention. Always choose an earring that merges well with your countenance shape and enhance your looks. Selecting an incorrect pair can be disastrous and distracting too.

So before purchasing a statement jewelry all the time confirm about its length, shape, tint and most importantly is this harmonize well with your outfit or not.


The best way to make out your statement necklace evident is to match it with off-the shoulder, V-necked, scoop necked or strapless tops and dresses.

Collars, high-necks or halter necks should be avoided as this will give a vague impression to your necklace.  Be sure about your dressing sense and make it clear to your mind what does you want your jewelry to do for you? Combine your statement with solo color top as it will give it more brilliant and distinguished look.


Always keep in mind that the word itself utter about statement, meaning unique and different look, so pick up a piece that aids to craft an on the whole outfit. If you want something prudish and genteel look than peals are the best selection for you.

Vintage jewelry or floral design jewels are a preeminent fit for the romantic and womanly outfit. Every bit of jewelry complements some or the other outfits, you just need to pick the one which suits the finest.

Attire combined with perfect jewelry could bestow you with a prominent and esteemed look. Through magazines and internet exploring you can easily find what will match best with a particular outfit. And by now if you are ready to shop for diamond jewelry than start your hunt with silvertrendz an online jewelry store. The uniqueness and attractiveness of jewelry will surely amaze you.

About the author: This article is written by Akanksha Singh, a content writer, she works on few sorts like education, jewelry and fashion. Fashion and entertainment is her focused era, from the time of college, she loves to write on various topics. You may also find several of her published articles on accessories, education and jewelry related topics throughout media sites.


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