5 Things to Avoid when Making Banners


When designing a banner and other types of advertising items it is important to pay attention to the little details. For the person producing the item such as a banner it may not be a big deal to make the item smaller or have a cheap stand. However, in the long run it can make the difference in attracting potential customers or drawing positive attention from the public.

This can also be true in a trade show setting where you want your exhibit booth to be recognized professionally as well as by a large crowd of people. Unfortunately there are a lot of mistakes that can be made when designing anything that is made to catch the public’s attention. The following are a list of potential mistakes that someone may encounter while designing a banner:

  • Design Tools: With increasing technology it should be easier to develop a design that is professional and aesthetically pleasing. There are various types of software that are available such as Adobe Illustrator and others what can make banner design easier to develop. This still doesn’t mean that you don’t’ have to think of the design; you just will be able to execute in a more functional manner.
  • Professional: Although you may know how to design a banner that looks decent you still need to know what materials you will use to construct it. Unfortunately some designers will overlook the printing inks that are needed and try to do it themselves. This is without taking into account whether it will be displayed outside, or if they have the printing equipment to do it properly. For example it you try to print a banner with a conventional printer it will take dozens of sheets and multiple ink cartridges to print everything. Also the pages will be small so they will have to be taped or stapled together. This looks unprofessional and takes more time. Make sure you know your materials and budget. The printing services in Brookhavenoffer a wide variety of options for your banner design.
  • Purpose: Another mistake is confirming the purpose of the sign. Is it for a business, tradeshow, or a school team? Whatever the purpose it will change the design and the materials used for the job. Getting the perspective of who needs the banner will give meaning to the banner and that will translate to the public.
  • Font: Just like in many types of advertizing, the font on a sign or banner can make a big difference. Text is used not only to display a company name, but it is also used to let the viewer know about promotions. If it is hard to read font than potential clients will not pay attention to it which can greatly weaken the effectiveness of the banner. A big mistake is making the font size and styles the same across the whole banner. Instead you should make the company name large and bold, and then have smaller text for promotions.
  • Color: Having the wrong color can quickly detract from viewers seeing your banner. Make sure the colors are not too bright, so that the viewer can read the text.

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