5 ways Technology has resolved Learning barriers

ways Technology has resolved Learning barriers

The world is changing at a faster pace than it ever did. The world is more connected, it has shrunken and the axis of this change is Technology. Technology has changed the way we perceive life. Obviously, technology has touched upon everything which exists in this world be it Politics, Medical, Sports, Entertainment, Education etc.

Technology has solved real-time problems and made most difficult things possible. For an instance just imagine how tough it is to take education to the most remote area of a very poor nation. But now UN under its program ‘Take education to every child’ is successfully taking education to those children through technology. A laptop, a few hours of electricity and an internet connection makes it possible to take session, materials, guidance etc to the students without any physical infrastructure, teachers, support staff etc. Similarly, there are so many problems which technology resolves. Let us explore ‘5 ways Technology is changing Learning’.

Easier access to learning materials

Gone are the days when students had to run after teachers for the education materials. Now the most authentic study materials are available over the internet. Similarly unlike before an important session can be recorded and put on the internet for students to access it over and over again. The Internet is full of blogs, websites, applications which provide great guidance and support to students to take correct career decisions in their lives. For an instance, if a student wants to pursue a career in commerce he can get valuable information provided by blogs on the internet one such article is A Career in Commerce

Visual Learning is Better

A Chinese proverb goes as – “I hear and I forget: I see and I remember”. Technology has revolutionized classroom education by making visual learning possible. There are so many recorded sessions or even live sessions available on the internet but the visual learning in a physical classroom is the most impactful learning. The classroom provides the required discipline while the technology help students realize the simple concepts of science, maths, arts etc. visually. This is easier to understand, stays in memory for the longest time and generates a lot of interest in the class.

Technology brings you closer to the Experts of the respective field

Technology has made it possible to talk to people and get career advice without knowing them; without meeting them physically. Yes, that is what LinkedIn does. Well other social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter etc. also helps a lot in this. So students do not need to reach out to a career counselor instead one can connect to working professionals directly through the social media and get the details of the career they wish to pursue. There is this great article which talks how a student can use social media to explore the career he wishes to pursue:- How to social media to correct career decisions

Technology is taking Education and Learning to places where it has never been

A child in a remote area of a poor nation is devoid of proper education for obvious reasons. Guess what? technology has answers to this as well. Few hours of electricity, a laptop, and an internet connection can easily unfold the world of learning for the students who reside in remotest areas. Building a school, getting other infrastructure in place and getting the required amount of teaching staff at a remote location is very difficult. Without technology, it is almost impossible to take education to students in remote areas. Technology has changed the way learning is imparted in these areas.

Technology has made education cheaper

There are  many ways technology has brought down the cost of education. Technology help students across the globe to connect to some of the best educators whose teachings and valuable lessons were earlier available to an elite class only. Now even a son of a poor auto-rickshaw driver or a farmer can access some of the best education teachings on the internet for free. A recorded session once uploaded on the internet can be accessed by hundreds of students any number of times without paying a penny or a very nominal cost in some cases.

So technology is providing answers to many age-old issues of imparting knowledge and learning. Technology is consistently changing the classroom learning. It is taking same education to all. It will continue to change the way education is imparted and with the swift progress in Artificial Intelligence in this decade technology seems to be taking learning to the next level. Maybe bots would take over the educators..well who knows?

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