A Detailed Guide on Joomla Hosting

Joomla Hosting

Joomla is a free open source software and available free for everyone to use. It is a popular content management system (CMS) through which the users can build online applications and powerful websites.  Joomla hosting comes with the 1click installer that ensures an easy and quick tensionless installation. Web designers and developers find it to be convenient software to guide new users to erect and manage a website. It can be used for any platform from a personal website to large online publishing and e-commerce websites.



There are thousands of themes available with Joomla making it the most versatile CMS available. Joomla hosting extends a huge list of resources to develop it further making it suitable as per the client’s specific needs.   Customers can personalize their blogs or sites by choosing any of their favorite themes. The themes can be changed easily and one can improve the functionality with the numerous extensions that can be inserted and added to the blogs making it compatible for search engines, offers enhanced security with spam blocking and many more. Support is extended with well qualified and technically trained professionals who are a part of the Joomla community.

Which industries prefer Joomla?

Joomla hosting is widely used by many corporate portals, schools and other educational institutions, non-profit organizations, online magazines, extranets and intranets, newspapers and publications, government agencies and many small industries.

What is required?

Joomla is widely preferred to run on the latest versions of PHP (5.3+) and MySQL (4.0+) and be compatible with Apache and Microsoft IIS updated versions and other extensions. The host in addition to the one-click installer and support team is expected to offer tools that would make the Joomla website perform faster and make it easier to build and amend pages in websites. The third party extensions that the host offers should be safe and secure from hackers and spammers. While choosing a Joomla hosting provider, the clients must consider features like bandwidth, disk space, multiple sites allowed or not and My SQL database being offered.  The clients can avail the Joomla articles and tutorials to get familiar with the process of customizing their website.

Why is Joomla a popular CMS?

Joomla hosting has many essentials that make it a preferable CMS. They include

  • Safe and strong architecture for all types of websites
  • Varity of extensions and plug-ins and flexibility to create own plug-ins
  • Excellent support system in the form of tutorials, forums, videos and FAQs.
  • Support to more than 64 languages making itself available to a wider audience
  • Updates are easier with the one-click updater
  • Easy to upload, manage and organize media files and folders with the media manager tool.
  • Article editor tool to add new images and media files
  • Comes with a built-in WYSIWYG editor to edit content easily
  • Joomla supports tagging and nesting
  • Allows updates of content to visitors through the Syndication and Newsfeed management features.
  • Menu and menu items can be created with the Menu Manager and spread across multiple locations with easy navigational tools like dropdown buttons, rollovers, flyouts and more.


Joomla in India:

Joomla hosting India developers and designers are well experienced and extend their support to the customers and build customized websites. Joomla has been a preferred CMS in the Indian web business market as it offers a fast, secure, and reliable and gives its users an amazing and affordable platform. It offers support to multiple languages which suits the Indian businesses.

There are many more features that the clients can get to enjoy with Joomla hosting. The providers offer SSD drives for faster speed while reading/editing and improved uptime than the normal HDD. The hosts many a times offer free domain names, money back guarantee, free data backups, free tutorials, suPHP security, free installation and integration with Google Apps.

Joomla hosting is available with shared hosting platforms where the server space and resources are shared among the customers.  It also is available in an enhanced form through the business hosting. There are many providers that offer free services too. Some hosts have started offering Joomla as a part of their contribution to the go-green philosophy. The servers are powered by environment friendly power saving and renewable energy products.  Joomla is also available as a service where the host takes responsibility for managing and maintaining Joomla.

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