Amit Shifted His Beloved Bike From New Delhi to Jamshedpur

Amit, who belonged to Jamshedpur, was a student of Delhi College of Engineering. He was a good student. Apart from scoring well in studies, he was an ardent bike enthusiast as well and he even owned an imported bike. He was a well known biker among the circle of crazy bikers. And he loved his bike more than his girlfriend. And even his girlfriend knew this and she used to nag him a lot for this reason.


So, four years of graduation flew by like a blink of an eye and the final year of the college arrived. All of Amit’s friends and foes were looking forward towards their aspired jobs and professional lives. And so was Amit, being not even an inch behind. He studied hard and did well in placements. And he ended up getting a good job in one of the best mechanical engineering companies of the whole country. Everyone was happy – his friends, his family, his relatives, his girlfriend … everyone.

Finally the last week of college arrived. Everyone was happy for their lives to come, but they were sad as well because they were going miss college. It was a nostalgic feeling for all of them. But they had to deal with it. However, part from that, the hectic job of moving from Delhi to Jamshedpur was knocking Amit’s head every now and then.

Next morning while going through newspaper, he came across a packers and movers Delhi ad of APM India Relocations Pvt Ltd. He got their number from newspaper and made a call to them, and they responded with a well. Everything was settled and Amit decided to use this service to help himself. And then Amit started packing all his stuffs.

It had been four years since when he was living in Delhi. Resultantly, slowly and steadily, he had accumulated almost all of house hold articles. He had everything viz television, refrigerator, bed, couch, washing machine, chairs, tables, kitchen utensils, microwave, etc, and he did not want to sell of any of them. Apart from that, his biggest headache was shifting of his beloved bike as his parents had already denied their approval for him to drive from Delhi to Jamshedpur.

Eight days later, APM truck was honking its horn in front of Amit’s gate. Everything got loaded everything in that. The truck was spacious enough to ensure the safety of the products on the bad Indian roads. After getting everything loaded, Amit boarded the truck and left for Jamshedpur. But Amit was too much concerned about his bike which was loaded in the trunk of the truck. Through the way he was tensed for the same reason. They drove for around twenty two hours and finally reached Jamshedpur. Everything was in a perfect condition. And Amit was elated to find that not even a single scratch was done to his bike. It was as spotless as crystal. APM India Relocations Pvt Ltd charged a reasonable amount from him and the truck left. He was finally home.

Today, Amit is placed in the city of joy – Kolkata, as is quite settled in his professional life. And he is still mad about his bike. He still participates in bike racing and bike stunt competition. And that adrenaline rush still gives him a high.

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