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Apple iTunes

Apple iTunes Music Store – World’s No. 1 Music store is now in India. Apple has launched the iTunes Store in India and some other countries which has a selection of local and international music from known and unknown artists all over the World. Now anyone can just browse which means you can browse their favourite movies, albums, songs whenever they want and buy it. And we all know access to the Apple’s iTunes Store has been a long awaited demand in the Country

Movie freaks can rent or purchase movies from iTunes Store. There is a wide range of movies available on store and many of which is also available in HD and from major studios which also includes Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Walt Disney Studios, 20Th Century Fox any many more including the local suppliers. Soon after the launch there were 70 Hindi movies available on the iTunes Store.

It is a great news for all iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac & PC users as now they can legally find, purchase and download music online as now the iTunes Store in available in 119 countries. Music available in iTunes Store comes in iTunes Plus®, Apple’s DRM-free format and with high-quality 256 kbps AAC encryption for audio making it almost indistinguishable from the primary recordings.

The new music that one purchases online can be downloaded automatically to any of the devices and the music that one has previously purchased, that can be downloaded to all iOS devices at no extra price and iTunes® in the Cloud lets one do that. There is also an iTunes Match Service available. This helps in storing the entire music library in iCloud so that it can be accessed any time and would be applicable for the music that is not purchased through iTunes.

Pricing & Availability:

A valid credit card with a billing address in the country is mandatory for making any purchase through iTunes Store. Mac and Windows include iTunes 11 from the iTunes Store and are available to download from at no cost.

ITunes 11 witnessed an out-and-out and smooth redesign and received assorted reviews, with some knocking for being unnecessarily tangled after the release of latest update to the iTunes Program. But one doesn’t need to subscribe for the offer.

Apple’s iTunes Service market may not have a competition threat as it belongs to the developed markets but will definitely face competition from locally developed services and high usage of Google’s You Tube. In India, the Apple iTunes Store faces rivalry from the fans of Nokia Music Store and the Flyte music store by national online retailer like Flipkart, Individual songs have been priced from Rs.7 and albums from Rs.70 by Apple which is cheaper than U.S and Flyte’s as well where as Flyte’s prices start from Rs.9/- for each song downloaded. A mediocre Hindi movie is valued at Rs.490/- for HD purchase and Rs.120/- for the purpose of renting. The validity for a rented movie is for a month and after starting to watch the movie it is 48 hours.

Users need to click on “iTunes Store” to get an entry to the store after starting up the iTunes software on their PC or just can be accessed from their portable iOS devices like iPod, iPhone or iPad.

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