Basic Features of CDN Provided By Jodihost


JodiHost provides the best CDN service to the clients by cooperating with one of the industry leaders, Verizon Digital Media Services which is a distributed worldwide network of thousand servers that are build mainly for the speed, scalability and security. Verizon is one of the largest providers of the CDN services and it facilities are for the reliable, effective and wonderful hosting. No matter where the audience of your website is located or targeted, this company will always help to find the best combination of the servers that will help the users to get the contents faster.

The clients those are dealing with the CDN services provided by this company are given a delivery platform that provides various benefits for controlling the contents and make the process safe to access along with the extra ordinary speed of the delivering the items. Be sure that this type of platform offers better control over the contents in the most possible way. This brand will help to deliver the contents on topics like Dynamics, video streaming and social media accessing. The end users who are located anywhere in the world can get the contents in high speed and of excellent quality. The team working in this company provides excellent customer service to the clients whenever they want.

Some of the CDN services provided are-

1. Caching

The website of the customer is getting optimized day by day due to the presence of the static content cached on the CDN or on the server of the customers with the help of the HTTP caching. This helps the users to transmit the requested content fast to the user. Whatever may be the content requested by the user in the network, the data usually travels very fast to the user. You may consult the cdn reseller at jodihost to get the best type of CDN services for the customers.

2. Security

It is one of the best services that are offered by the JodiHost. Each of the customer is given the chance to secure the applications and the contents also remain totally protected for being theft or hotlinked or any other type of unauthorized use of the contents. Using the tools offered, the customers can restrict the total access of the contents from sources like the country, date and title.

3. Effective streaming

With the help of the CDN provide by us, the users can deliver the customers images and videos anywhere with the process that works best for him along with the users like the HDS, HTTP progressive, HTML5 and many more.

With the CDN storage, each one of the customers totally get the private space for the contents that is well connected to the global network.

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