Beautiful Vagamon – a Quintessential Hill Station

Hill Station

Perhaps one of the hidden wonders of India, the state of Kerala carries its own enigma. Almost a decade ago, not many knew about this land filled with a lush green cover. But, see today and you’ll find offbeat travelers, families and honeymooning couples all flocking to this coastal paradise. Dotted with numerous famous and lesser known attractions, come, let’s take a look at one of the gem in Kerala’s tourism.

While several tourists prefer taking Kerala tour packages to make the most of their visit, the best way to explore ‘God’s Own Country’ lies in taking your backpack and just moving along the wind. Chances are that you’d stumble upon a small village/town of Vagamon. The name surely sounds whimsical, but it definitely appears like a fine gem of emerald in the green covers of the state. The place has often been described by the National Geographic Magazine as one of the best places to visit in the nation.

Vagamon is situated about 65 km from another beautiful coastal town of Kottayam. The place is indeed a scenic haven, alluring photography enthusiasts, nature lovers and the ones seeking some peaceful time away from the commotion of the city. Visitors are ought to fall in love with its weather, which mostly consists of long spells of summer. Usually pleasant and not hot and humid like in other parts of south India, the weather is a great way to enjoy and soak in some fresh air. As you might be knowing that the region receives a huge rainfall both by the regular and retreating monsoons, the rivulets, pools and waterfalls in Vagamon are always gushing with massive flow. If you know swimming, taking a dip in the cool waters should surely be tried.

If you go deeper into the jungles, there are few hidden natural freshwater pool lying there untouched. So chances are that you might find one such hidden pool yourself and even give it a name. The gleam of sun transporting through the water surfaces allows you to see how clean the water actually is. And the thick sheet of river weed lying on the fallen branches at the bed suggesting its virginity. Vagamon’s forest cover consists of large trees of pines, some deciduous and other evergreen ones which all due to the regular rainfall received by the area.

Hill Station

For those who love offbeat travelling, Vagamon should definitely be included in their list. The rich environment consisting of a mix of hilly ridges and hillocks will surely strike up a romantic chord between you and nature. There’s a highway which meanders through the hills of Vagamon, and if you’re travelling the region in your own vehicle, be prepared to be awe struck by the sheer architectural brilliance and beauty of the region. If you’re looking for places to visit in Kerala near Munnar, which is a famous hill station in the region, then look no further and pack your bags for a refreshing trip to Vagamon.

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