Best practices for health teeth

health teeth

Dental health is important. Oral care is important. Both are important because it takes a lot to achieve healthy teeth. Nice teeth does not necessary mean healthy teeth and you should know that well.

A lot of factors go into making our teeth healthy. It’s a gradual process and you shouldn’t expect to brush thrice a day and then skip the next day schedule. Rather, having healthy teeth depends on efforts and care put in on a daily basis.

From eating right to avoiding bad food items, from brushing regularly to staying away from smoking – a whole lot of do’s and don’ts involve in our endeavour of achieving whitening and health teeth.

Here are best practices for healthy teeth –

Brush twice (twice means twice)

A majority of us know that brushing twice a day is recommend by dentists. Yet, we stick to brushing once a day as if doing it twice is some sort of crime. Not brushing at night means you let the germs and plaque (that store up right through the day) to cause havoc for sure.

Brush properly

Not brushing properly is akin is not brushing at all, and you should understand that well. First, never try to rush into things as this shows your lack of concern, and lack of time, devoted to an important chore of the day. Secondly, plaque and stuck-up food particles can only be removed when you do gentle brushing

Brush your tongue as well

Brushing the tongue alongside brushing the teeth is what dentists consider an absolute must. Not doing the same means giving plague an easy run which can lead to a variety of oral problems, including bad mouth odour. So, don’t ignore the tongue and brush it every time you do brush the teeth.

Do floss regularly (yes, regularly)

Flossing is as important as brushing, and the earlier you know this the better. A variety of benefits do happen to you when you do floss as regularly as brushing, i.e. daily. So, apart from taking out the struck food items between the teeth, you can floss to reduce gums, counter inflammation and stimulate the gums.

Use only a fluoride-containing toothpaste

It’d wrong if you went ahead and chose a toothpaste for its flavours and fragrance or capacity to whiten the teeth. Rather, the selection should be based on the presence of fluoride in the toothpaste to save the tooth from decay caused mostly by germs.

Don’t ignore mouthwash

Mouthwash helps maintain a good oral health. You can use it to counter the amount of acid in the mouth. It also helps rinse those areas (around the gums) where brushing generally does not do the job perfectly. What’s more, dentists also recommend mouthwash for re-mineralization of the teeth. It complements brushing and flossing in an ideal way.

Eat and drink healthy

Eating too much water is great for your oral health. It helps counter the effects of acid in the mouth and minimizes chances of decay. Moreover, you should eat too much of fresh and crunchy food items to benefit from fibre. Eat foods that are harder to chew and this will help a lot.

Stay away from sugary and acidic foods

Sugary and acidic foods are a big no as they damage teeth greatly. Avoid consuming too much of tea, coffee, coloured brinks, whisky, rum, acidic fruits etc. as they impact the enamel in a negative way. So, stick to a healthy diet prescribed by the dentist to get healthy teeth.

In overall, you should follow all what the dentists advise as only this can lead to health teeth and a disease-free existence for sure.

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