Best ways to place flowers in the house!

Interior design

Not many of us use flowers to decorate our house, but they are some of the most affordable and incredible things to add some charm to your living room. Flowers add colour, scent and freshness to any room. Whether you keep flowers in the bathroom or in the kitchen, they will do their work well. If you want to know how to decorate your house with the help of flowers, then keep reading…

Colours – Pick the colours according to your room setting. If you have white walls then you are in luck, you can order any colours to decorate the room. You can pick a bunch of same coloured flowers or else you can mix match colours for the room. Make sure you ask for fresh flowers when calling for online flower delivery Chandigarh.

Take care of it – If you are placing fresh flowers in the house, then you need to take care of it so that the blooms stay fresh for few days. Usually by the next day, they will die off if you don’t do something, but if you cut them and use some easy tactics then they will stay blossomed for more than 4 to 5 days. You can add a spoon of sugar in the flower vase or a spoon of vinegar to keep them fresh longer.

Pick seasonal flowers – Arranging the flowers according to the seasons look incredible. You will always find roses in the market no matter what, but then again keeping roses every week is monotonous. Try something different with the changing seasons for adding some charm to the house.

Keep the vase clean – Yes, a fancy and clean vase always complements the flowers. If the vase is dirty, then you could end up damaging the flowers in just few hours. It is essential for sanitary reasons to place a clean vase in the house. Wash it properly before you place fresh flowers in it.

Decide the right area – Lastly, make sure you keep it at the right spot. If you have small kids, then keep it at a high level so that they don’t break it while playing in the house. Also, don’t randomly place flowers everywhere, once vase in a room or a bunch is more than enough.

We hope these easy and basic tricks help you out with flower decorating.

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