Build Stronger Muscles With Rice

Stronger Muscles With Rice

Yes, you read right. You can actually build stronger muscles and have the perfect athletic body you wished for with the help of rice. Even if you don’t want a bulky body, you can surely make your muscles internally extremely strong with just one ingredient. Any form of rice has proteins which are required for the muscles. If you are too thin and want to get those six pack abs, you must follow a rice diet for few days.

Here are some ways and reasons why rice works wonders in building strong muscles: –

1. You can add rice to your breakfast by having a bowl of rice cereals. You can find them in stores or simply make it at home with your regular basmati rice. Cook it with almonds, nuts and skim milk or whichever milk you prefer. This healthy option will help start your day well and if you are heading to the gym post breakfast, this is a great dish pre workout.

brown rice

2. You can always eat brown rice or plain boiled rice with lean proteins. Have them with your traditional Indian dals or add some chicken to the dish. This will help activate your body and also provide all the necessary anti-oxidants, vitamins and fibre you need throughout the day. If you do not like white rice, you can always have brown rice as an alternative.

3. Rice is also a good option for those who want to become more athletic and build a huge body. It is good to have them post workouts as they fuel up the body and recover aches quickly. Rice is good for digestion and is an easy dish to make. You can have rice with several vegetables and side dishes to make it healthier. The glucose found in rice helps in retaining the sugar levels of the body and keeps you away from dehydration too. If you have worked out too much and stressed your muscles, you can often feel dizzy or pass out but a good meal with rice post workout is an incredible idea.

4. Brown rice is great for the heart, joints and also diabetes. If you are worried about these health problems or already suffer from diabetes, turn to brown rice for your healthcare routine. This will not just build your muscles well but also keep your sugar level in balance. It is a life saver for many with joint aches and weak bones. Find good quality brown rice like basmati Indian rice and add it to your regular meals. You can just add a small cup of it every day to benefit more.

5. If you are unwell or feeling low due to vigorous workouts, you should always turn to rice. This will boost glycogen which will avoid bloating of stomach and it is also easy to intake. The proteins and minerals in the white or brown rice will give your internal system a soothing feel. Rice also helps during illness like constipation and stomach aches.

Whether you go with white or brown rice, both of these are extremely beneficial for achieving strong muscles and an overall healthy system.

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