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Business Printing

Business stationary, sometimes called a corporate identity package, is an effective way for businesses to really help their communications stand out and enhance their brands. These materials usually include letterhead, business cards and envelopes. Companies use these materials in their printed communications as well as personal interactions, and can really do a lot for their reputations based on how the materials look. While these tools can be an effective tool to build both customer loyalty and brand awareness, it is critical that they are done well. Here are a few things to consider as you design business stationary.

Sticking To The Basics

Some companies make the error of getting so caught up in coming up with the perfect, extravagant design that they forget about what’s most important sending a clear and concise message to consumers. Your company logo is a critical piece, since it’s the mark by which people identify your company. You also want to make sure to include your contact information. People need to have an understanding of how to get in touch with you, whether that be your website URL, email address, physical address, phone number or all of them.

Less Is More

One key item to remember when designing stationary is that it’s not a brochure. Often times with business stationary design, less is more. Making sure your design is clear and succinct can be a great way to communicate your message in a very subtle way. While websites and brochures normally include a full range of information, business stationary should be about clear and simple branding that is compelling enough for people to take action and convert to a customer.

Maintaining Consistency

Like with any marketing materials that a company produces, you want to have consistency. This is especially important with a corporate identity package, since all of the materials are usually delivered or presented together. Each of the pieces in the package should carry a common theme in terms of font, logo usage, and color palette. This can help you establish a consistency that can go a long way in helping your customer remember your brand and what it stands for. A well-designed corporate identity package can make a major impression upon recipients.

Choosing The Right Paper

Maybe the most important thing to consider when designing business stationary is what paper you’ll print the various pieces on. You will want to do more than just choose a nice stock based on weight, texture, color, etc. Even though those elements are critical, it is even more important to choose a color that is within your company’s brand standards. You may not think that paper is a big deal, but it definitely is.

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