Use a discount broker with care

Discount brokers Online

In the stock market, one can find several service providers as far as the brokerage services are concerned. There are two categories in this field which are known as a full-service provider and discount service providers. The client should choose one that fits his requirement after considering the benefits and limitations of both the systems. The prime aim of any client is to go for the maximum profit from the market, but one must consider their limitations as well. Employing a discount broker can be said to have gained popularity…

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NSE Margin – The amount to keep in your account to avoid penalty

NSE Margin

There is no doubt that the stock market provides tons of option in investment for the investors. This is one of the investment platforms where everyone can enter without minding the academic qualification and financial status to make unlimited income. But at the same time of providing excellent earning potentials, the stock market is also prone to several risks of losses. Stock exchanges demand the investors keep some amount in the account to meet these losses and it called as SPAN margin. Maintain the trading account You need both demat…

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