How can you say ‘no’ to cakes!


Human relationships are very complicated as people say. You need the right patience and perfect mind to handle one. Losing your calm having a fight is easy but it does not change anything in fact they worsen things. Often after you have spoilt the situation which could be otherwise handled you think of how to make someone feel better. You fall short of ideas and find yourself in a clueless position with nothing at all in your head other than the mere thought of making things back to normal again.

We human being often falls prey to our own ego and we do not want to give up our pride and say sorry to the other person. But you won’t believe that a simple word can do wonders and trust me your loved ones will forget the mishap and they will let it go. You need to just say the word and if you add a gift that will definitely overwhelm them. Gifts are extension of your love and appreciation so you have to choose it carefully. You can even think of cakes which will be a great idea. You can get your sorry cakes delivered at their place and that I bet will give them no more reason to believe that they matter in your life more than any stupid fights.

Cakes are the perfect thing to celebrate your joy and auspicious day with. Why only some special day, you can even makeup someone’s mood by surprising him or her with a cake. It surely will bring smile to their face. No matter how angry or offended a person is you can make them feel better with their favourite flavoured cake.

Are you thinking of baking cakes to surprise your beloved? Then you are a daring as it will show how much you want get things back to ease with them. Do not worry if you have no clue about how to make the cake as I am here to give you the basic idea to bake the perfect cake.

How to make a cake?

  • The basic ingredients to make a cake are flour, sugar, egg, butter or oil and a leavening agent such as baking soda. For a starter, you can make simple cakes if not flavoured.
  • At first, you have to make the batter and for that you should do your maths properly as the perfect proportion will give the proper texture and fluff. This is very important as adding too less or too much of any of the ingredients will spoil the taste.
  • You can even go for decorating the cake after baking the cake at a proper temperature. Use good quality cream for writing something or even you can draw a smiley.

If baking is becoming a problem as time is so precious in this fast-moving world, then order online and get your work done with just few clicks

So, why are you waiting, get sorry cakes for your beloved now and make them feel better. Hurry this may be your chance to mend things.

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