Chatbots – An Overview and Platforms


Artificial Intelligence applications that we can communicate with through either text or speech recognition are called Chatbots. These messages could be as simple and straightforward as asking the Chatbot what the temperature is, to a complex function as troubleshooting a virus attack. The article is based on a normal, generic Chatbot that can be used in any social media platform. Chatbot companies need to keep the following few steps in mind before hiring a Chatbot applications –

  1. An AI based Chatbot – identifying the opportunities

As a company, you need to first figure out the best way to apply the new Bot technologies in their corporate, they also need to find out if the AI system can be implemented the same way. Two criterions need to be kept in mind for a particular type of work activity in AI –

  • Work Complexity
  • Data Complexity

After analysing both the data and work complexity, you will be able to classify your results based on the following four kinds of activity models:

  • Innovation: How unique your system is.
  • Expert: How professional your system is.
  • Efficiency: How accurate your system is.
  • Effectiveness: How effective your system is based on the results procured.
  1. Understanding customer goals

Before building any system, you need to understand the customer requirements. This should be both your client requirements and the clients’ customer requirement. Finding answers to this query is vital, and it is easy to do so. All you need is a type form and a requirements form filled in by clients and customers to figure out what they actually need. With the help of Chatbot service providers, life could tend to get much simpler for you. Just hire or buy one that caters to your needs.

  1. The Chatbot conversation

The conversation has been classified as two large categories – structured and unstructured. Structured messages are more like the logical flow of the conversation. For example, figuring out a customer’s age, name, and reasons for using the Chatbot. Unstructured conversations could move from one topic to another randomly. This includes the freestyle plain text. You need to develop most of the scripts of the conversation with the help of your Chatbot service provider. Open-ended conversations that allow the clients to use the Chatbot naturally, and close ended conversations allow the users to experience the Chatbot easily.

Chatbot Platforms

Some of the many Chatbot platforms you can choose from are given below.

  • Gupshup: Enables automation and advanced messaging workflows.
  • io: Has its own NLP parsing engine.
  • Chatfuel: Lets users interact with your bots through buttons.
  • Beep Boop: Easy way of making slack bots.
  • Chattypeople: Consists of ready to use templates for all your business needs.
  • QnA Maker – Made by Microsoft
  • ChatterOn
  • BotKit
  • ai
  • Motion AI
  • Flow XO
  • Botsify
  • Bottr
  • Collaborative BOT Platform| Recast.AI

Concluding the article, the Chatbots are the future. All companies and entrepreneurs should be looking forward to have a Chatbot on their interface. It is finally safe to say that a Chatbot revolution is just around the corner.

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