Choosing The Perfect Princess Cut Engagement Ring For Her

Engagement Ring

Each and every woman wish for a dazzling engagement ring. Isn’t it? An engagement ring is a piece of jewelry which is treasured by them for life long. And even every man wants to choose the perfect ring for her lady love. As the occasion is special, so that ring should also be special.

But when it comes to choosing the one, it is not at all an easy job. While exploring for an engagement ring, you may find a wide array of choice and options. You just need to be more clear about what you want. The stone, size, shape and style everything you should already know for your to-be-wife.

Engagement Ring

Prominent for its dazzling lustrous and gleaming shine, the princess cut engagement ring is a popular choice amongst the shoppers. Whether you are hunting for a wedding ring or engagement ring, princess cut top on the priority list.

Where it is first found?

Relatively, it is a fresh kind of diamond cut, initially created in the 1960’s. Many jewelers often compare this beautiful cut with the well-known round brilliant. As the round brilliant has a troll face, producing a “cone-shaped” structure, the Princess cut has a four-sided figure or rectangular face, with an inverted-pyramid emergence that most intimately resembles the original crystalline composition of rough diamond.

What it says symbolically?

Princess cut symbolizes with freedom, audacity and self-belief. All those who are craving for a modern line of a square cut diamond with a vividness and glisten of a circular cut, a princess cut engagement ring is a preference you will value for a life.

Now the most important question arises, that how would you select the best Princess Diamond to fill the princess cut engagement ring you are hunting at?Let me introduce you with some stricture and suggests the best variety for all:


While looking at the color of diamond cut, you should know that alike Round Diamond, princess diamond is also a luminous cut. And being a radiant cut implies that a diamond is cut in such a way which maximizes its brightness. Now you must be thinking, that all diamonds are bright, but the truth is that it depends on the raw material and how much it need to be cut away to create the needed configuration.

Engagement Ring

In princess cut, there is a negligible untreated stone wasted. And because there is less waste on princess diamond, a capitulate is nearly 80% on princess diamond as compared to only 50% or less on round diamonds. You may find, the same quality at fewer prices. That’s the main reason many patrons go for princess diamond instead of a round diamond.

So, while hunting at the diamond color of the Princess cut, I would urge the range of G, H and I color diamonds. The extra luster of light wrap up some of the shade of the diamond, so you can pick even an I colored diamond with no doubts.


Now when it comes to hunt for diamond clarity of the princess diamond, you have a realistic amount of flexibility. The direction the surface is cut gives a pile of cover for most insertion. Sometime you may not be able to see many insertions, even if on some other diamond shapes a similar inclusion would be easily recognized.

As in the princess diamond, corners are pointed and sharp, so splinter can be some time become an issue. This means avoid selecting the diamonds, having insertions around the corners, because it will deteriorate the corner and make them more prone to damage.

I would advise you to consider deeply about a princess cut diamond and shop from a well known jeweler.

This blog is written by Akanksha Singh, the love for jewelry and accessories comes from within her, she loves to write anything related fashion and entertainment. To shop for fine and elegant princess cut engagement rings, she recommends an online jewelry store which offers a huge range of beautiful and elegant jewelry.

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