Cloud Hosting Providers Are All Over the Place


Believe it or not cloud hosting providers are all over the place. And this is practically because the concept of cloud hosting has caught on like wild fire. What makes the concept of hosting a hit is the sheer convenience it promises. You have some very interesting deliverables here and you know how to utilize them for making a mark in business. Cloud hosting is all about storing and hosting all your data on the cloud so that it can be kept safe and can be accessed easily as and when needed. And there are several ways in which you can actually do it.

Some Options Cloud Hosting Providers would Give You

Some of the primary options available with cloud hosting providers include:

  • Shared or Public Hosting: The most basic plan sold by providers would be a public hosting plan. In public hosting, a large server would be shared among users. The gigantic server would have millions and millions of users hooked onto it. This kind of plan would be cheap and easy to manage. However, when you choose this kind of plan, make sure you understand that the plan you have chosen can only provide you with limited resources. You will have adjust to the scarcity of space as well as resources. However, if your requirement is just as much, this plan is what you must seek for from cloud hosting providers.


  • Virtual Private Server Hosting or Hybrid Form of Hosting: The next offering is that of virtual private hosting. Here, the server would again be shared among users. However, here it would be broken down into independent server compartments which will then double up as private servers. So, it is a hybrid combination between shared and private hosting. As compared to shared hosting plans, virtual hosting plans cost more and offer more too. You have a set of complete and flexible controls for ensuring complete control of this nature of hosting plan. Virtual private hosting offers a completely flexible experience. Besides, it also provides a great deal more freedom as well as space for hosting service providers.
  • Private Hosting: Private hosting is a type of hosting model where a single server is allocated to a company. It is the priciest plan offered by cloud hosting providers. Considering that private hosting happens to be a high end solution, it needs to chosen with much care. Having a private server to your name would mean you would get to use the complete space offered by a hosting provider on that server. It is much like buying a server for your own usage.

These are the three basic types of hosting plans offered by cloud hosting providers. The choice has to be made depending upon the requirements you might be having at present time. A lot would also depend on the nature of budget you have in mind. Make sure you pick one with great care.

Choosing the Right Plan

Well, a lot would depend on your particular set of requirements. Like for instance:

  • If you are just starting off with your hosting plan, shared hosting is likely to be your pick. It proves to be ideal for starters because it is cheap and easy to manage and maneuver.
  • Once you have outgrown a shared hosting plan, you need to opt for a VPS or a virtual private server plan. It is a bit more expensive and requires acquired skills for management. It comes with a set of flexible controls that can be utilized for effective management.
  • Finally, a private hosting plan or a dedicated server is meant for companies with large scale usage. Private hosting means having a server for your own private use. You will need private servers for unending space and high level of privacy. Make sure you select on the basis of preference when you choose your server.

It is important to share your requirements with your cloud hosting provider so that he or she can suggest the right hosting plan for you. Consider planning well so that your hosting plan provides you with just as many benefits as you would have liked it to.

Choosing the Best Cloud Hosting Provider

The best cloud hosting provider is the one who offers you the maximum benefit. Some of the factors to keep in mind include:

  • Choose Reputation: Make sure you go for a reputed cloud hosting provider always. It pays to choose a reputed hosting provider who would leave no stone unturned to maintain their reputation.
  • Choose the Right Prices: Make sure you carry out a market survey before choosing your hosting plan. Choose on the basis of the cost heads.
  • Consider Location: It is good to have a cloud hosting company that’s located in the same time zone. Better still, look for one that can be reached easily.

Cloud hosting has caught on and is here to stay. Make sure you choose your plans and your hosting plans with precision for maximum advantage.

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