Common Internet Marketing Mistakes

Internet Marketing Mistakes

With thousands of entrepreneurs and businesses flocking to the Internet to open web sites the second dot-com boom is here. They want to promote their business or what they envision as a business on the internet. The fact is that Internet marketing is much like operating businesses in the real world. But many entrepreneurs are making several mistakes when it comes to implementing their dreams of creating a web-based business. They may be attempting to provide their products or service directly from their site, or simply using their site to promote their business and offer information about their operation, products or services. Either way, there are many mistakes to be avoided.

People who begin their attempt to market on the internet with dreams of cash pouring in need to remember that to be successful they will need to establish a solid base of repeat customers. Many webmasters are currently going crazy about the concept of search engine optimization. It is true that everyone on the Internet visits a search engine sooner or later to find what they are interested in. It is also true that most webmasters are very aware of this marketing concept. The result is that many of the big search engines are beginning to have links to other search pages, which does nothing to help your potential customer in their quest for information except lead them deeper into a maze. Additionally, focus on keywords or phrases will often result in articles that are useless, senseless or boring to read, and customers will become so frustrated that they will not come back. Articles posted on your website should be informative and fun to read, not trading keyword density for the interesting and useful copy.

 Internet Marketing Mistakes

Many budding Internet Marketers also find themselves buried in information and begin trying too many things at once, hoping something will start to work not fully understanding what they are doing. If you intend to try your hand at internet marketing don’t let this happen to you, it is far better to spend your energy on one task, and master that task before moving on to other ideas. Starting a bunch of dis-functional badly managed websites won’t have the long-term value of building and managing one good one. Your best chance at success is to build, polish and perfect one website until you see a good profit stream and have developed a solid base of repeat customers.

Once you start getting involved in finding ways to begin internet marketing you will find your e-mail will be stuffed with messages offering many marketing products and tools, some of which may be useful but many of which are a waste of time and money. Don’t waste your time and energy chasing shiny objects or the latest new marketing gimmick. Instead, focus on solid business fundamentals, and building a brand identity. This is what will get you customers, and this is how you will keep them coming back for more. Successful Internet marketers know that success depends upon staying on coarse and focusing on the long road ahead, not steering off this way and that way was hitting dead ends, back tracking and not reaching your goals. Most of the get-rich-quick schemes that you are certain to encounter end up costing more than they earn, or, at best, end up generating only a short-term cash flow. A well-developed web site will keep generating money for years to come almost on auto pilot.

Another common mistake to be avoided is not to make your website overly cluttered or have a lot of unnecessary graphics. You don’t want to overload the capacity of your potential customer’s connection, taking too much time for your page to upload. Of coarse you want your site to look appealing and professional, but keep it simple. A major key to success on the Internet is speed and convenience, and if your customer is waiting too long for your page to upload, they will leave, and they will not be back.

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