Data Scientists & How to be One?

Becoming a data scientist is a not just a thing of fashion, though it might as well be thought out to be. there is a dire need of qualified big data scientists which is required in the market.

In order to truly become a certified professional in this regard one ought to love everything there is to do with data. And when we say everything, it includes the glorified and much talked about stuff like drawing actionable insights from the world of numbers but also the dirty work which is considered sub-par by people as part of one’s job.  Could you really talk about data without making a mention of Hadoop, NoSQL, and similar platforms? In case, you can then most definitely you possess the pre-requisite traits of making to the field of big data science.

A thing to consider about the profile of a data scientist jobs is that they are coming from varied backgrounds such as economics, mathematics, statistics etc. Hence if an individual doesn’t have the necessary tech basics or over the top tech knowledge, how does one make to the field? Follow the below-mentioned guidelines and that might help:

There are a number of speakers, who possess great skill in imparting valuable knowledge to their audiences. A few of them could very well be followed such as those from Partially Derivative. These podcasts provide for a head start for any fresher to approach the field of analytics in a well-planned fashion.  The University of Washington also provides a course such as An Intro to Data Science & Computing for Data Analysis. Meanwhile, continue reading on the subject through free sources online, through e-books. Measure for America, for instance, happens to reflect on the changes that a big data can make in the society. There are similar e-books available for any aspiring data scientist, such as the Field Guide to Data Sciences. More importantly, never lose the opportunity to complete an open source data science Master Program. There are various institutions which have a reputation for imbuing their students with the skills necessitated for computing. Read the reviews online and enroll accordingly. Coursera happens to be one such source for such a knowledge.

Do as much research as you can on data mining specialization courses. Try and find channels on Youtube which have value for you in the form of tutorials. While a lot many people are using social media platform for posting updates there are many entities which post regularly on predictive analytics. Follow such uploads as they will give you a good grasp on the latest developments in the world of big data analytic.

It is entirely possible that following the aforementioned guidelines, one is bound to discover more. Always follow your instincts and try to keep up with the trends. the rest will take care of itself.

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  1. It is commendable that people are taking efforts to spread the development in Big Data and Data Science analytic over the past few years. Great work. Keep it Up.

  2. Good to know that someone is creating awareness about the field of Data Science, as it’s the current trend and demand for a Scientist is quite huge. Keep up the good work!

  3. This is a Good Post..I would like to suggest you that please keep sharing such type of information ..Thank you so much for sharing it with me.

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