Decrease Your Site’s Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is a measure of people who left a single page of a website without visiting any other pages on that website first.

Does your business/professional/portfolio/personal website have a high bounce rate? If so, you are probably wondering how you can decrease that bounce rate using something like content, design, or even advertising. What is the answer for decreasing your site’s bounce rate?

Here is a list of some tips/advice on how you can decrease your website’s bounce rate in an efficient manner:

Meet Audience Expectations

Your online audience is very familiar with the internet which means they have come to expect certain things from every website they visit, and if those expectations are not met your audience is more likely to bounce away from your site. Some of these expectations include:

  • Easy to see/use website navigation
  • A home button on every website page (They need to be able to get back to home base easily and quickly)
  • Complimentary and consistent color scheme throughout website
  • Consistent and interesting theme across every web page
  • Valuable/interesting content
  • Interesting visuals

Quality Content

A high bounce rate could be the result of many different things; one of those possibilities include having content that is not interesting/engaging or having content that is of poor quality/misleading. Supplying your audience with top-notch quality content is a key component to keeping your audience intrigued and interested with your website enough to stick around and explore.


You can have the best ideas and the greatest content but if you are not able to convey/share that content and those ideas in a clear, concise, simple, and readable way then your bounce rate will continue to soar. Having readable content is essential to keeping your users interested in your content. Readable content means:

  • Being crystal clear (not clouded with jargon)
  • Being Concise (Say what you want to say and say it fast)
  • Being Simple (Not overcrowding your content with big words and confusing sentences)

Communicate, Don’t Tell

Communicate with your web users, don’t simply talk at them and tell them things. Holding actual conversations with your followers can usually happen better on places like social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter. Make sure you hook your website to these social media networks so that you can have better conversations/social connections with your users.

Avoid Pop-Ups

Pop-ups on a website are like having a TV show or movie interrupted with unwanted and uninteresting commercials and shameless advertising. It is not cool, it is not fun, and it is definitely not enjoyable for your readers. Pop-Ups will definitely be a leading factor when it comes to figuring out why your readers are bouncing from your website. Place your ads carefully off to the sides and only use ads that are applicable to your content and or your readers.


The design of your website is another big factor when it comes to avoiding a high bounce rate. If you are not sure how to design your website in an effective/pleasing way, you may want to consider hiring a graphic designer like the graphic design professionals in Denton. Hiring a professional can help your bounce rates decrease for sure.

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