Dianabol 10 mg is the most popular supplement which is taken orally and is the form of Methandrostenolone and its old trading name is dianabol. Dianabol has both androgenic as well as anabolic properties and helps users in gaining strength as well as mass, which helps in weight training. One can make their own capsule from Methandrostenolone powder and many athletes use 10mg dose several times a day. But Methandrostenolone can even cause serious side effects though it is taken at recommended dose, so users try to reduce the side effects or reverse them.

Dianabol 10mg- anabolic steroid

Dianabol 10mg is an anabolic steroid which has androgenic properties in it. It helps in protein synthesis by attaching itself to androgen receptors. With this the users will be able to recover quickly even after their intense workouts. As, one can recover quickly, they can work more and see best results. Dianabol has the capacity to bind with the androgen receptors and it also increases the levels of estrogen in the blood and this will supress the production of testosterone. When low testosterone levels and high estrogen levels are resulted in men, it causes many side effects.


Dianabol and dosage

Dianabol tablets can be taken orally; 10mg dose several times a day. It passes through ones  liver and then the steroid is delivered in the body. Few people take Dianabol in liquid form as they believe that it will be working faster and will be effective. Any form of Dianabol is effective for gains, but the dosage is proportional to the side effects as well as results. Many athletes use Dianabol in a dosage which ranges from 25 to 100mg each day and many use it as pre workout supplement.Dianabol 10mg dosage does not have any scientific study, as it is not prescribed for medical use and is mostly used by athletes, and they use the dosage as per their body. They initially start with low dose and then slowly increase the dose will they can tolerate. One can prepare their own capsule as per their dosage.

Side effects

Methandrosenolone tablets come with few side effects, when it is used at low dosage and for long time. The major side effects seen are high blood pressure, swings in the mood, damage of the liver, decreased levels of testosterone and gynecomastia in men. Many users use Dianabol 10mg in cycle which last for four to six weeks and then they stop using it for few weeks until their body recover. While they are off the cycle, they use post cycle therapy.Most of the post cycle therapy will have the counter of the Dianabol side effects. One can either use aromatase inhibitors or SERM- Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator. These prevent the entry of androgens into the body and attaching the estrogen receptors.

While SERM will help in preventing the hormone levels. Popular aromatase inhibitors are Clomid and Tamoxifen and SERM are Anastrozole, Letrozole and Exemestane. Many users of Dianabol 10mg add these inhibitors along with their cycle. Along with these few athletes also use supplements which help in protecting the liver health, and keep the testosterone levels in range. Most of the athletes will never recommend Dianabol along, they prefer stacking with few other supplements like testosterone boosters. Women must be careful as the side effects of Dianabol are irreversible.

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