Ditch The Longtail Keywords, Think About The User’s Intent

Longtail Keywords

Over time, the using of particular kinds of keywords has been debated, examined, observed, and even disparaged. Nevertheless, I’m here to declare the death of these keywords that we held in such high esteem just several brief years past.

Search engine optimization is now common and as the utilization of search has evolved, companies made adjustments to be observable for all those queries they care most about and have succeeded in raising their visibility in search results. But, the problem we have seen is that queries on many keywords that are wide-ranging no longer supply the results that are important a searcher needs. This might be the cause of some marketers who wants to game the SERP engine, hire a lot of crappy marketing service, and using of blackhat optimization.

A search engine user trying to find info now regularly uses one of both of these approaches to reach the search results they want:

  • They keep refining that search till they get to closely related results and begin with a wide search.
  • They emotionally refine their search, realizing the comprehensive results don’t bring the things that they need. So they refine fewer times and start with a more specific search.

Surely, more search queries are becoming the standard. Majority of the problem here is the fact that Google has populated extensive queries which have many distinct worldwide result offerings… News, Pictures, Videos, Knowledge Graph, etc. This transfers those unique, important pages that lots of searchers are in fact looking farther down the page – or maybe onto the following page.

Subsequently, on top of those worldwide results, we’ve got results like Wikipedia and governmental or informative pages that do not precisely match the intention of the user’s search. The keywords that users generally rely upon are becoming diffuse and drawn-out into serving a little function and the differentiation is now lapsing.

The new idea of paying attention to long tail keyword queries is so trivial that it may go without being said. Longtail keywords now are only the queries all of us use to really locate that which we want that typically leads us to the¬†right private blog¬†sites that answers our needs. This is the reason the Search Engine Optimization community is moving away from the targeting of queries or particular keywords to thinking about the searcher’s intent as well as topics.

If we, as marketers, dump our focus on query length and rather drive the focus toward the topic of the content, we may then begin to fix that content to ensure that what we’re really supplying is the search destination our prospective clients and customers have in their minds. It may take a lot of effort, but hey, your product or services will reflect on how good you provide the user’s intent, and believe me, it pays off very well.

So, are you ready to include this mindset? Then ask yourself on these three questions regarding your website:

  1. Are you searcher’s or customer’s satisfied?
  2. Are we giving them in how that they want it and what they want?
  3. Can you determine what your customer’s need that we are not providing currently that we should?

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