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Do you constantly place food orders online? Are you spending way too much than you should? Well, do not worry! We are here to help you out. If you avoid placing orders for few of these food items, you can not only save money but you will also have a healthy meal. So read on to find out what we are talking about…

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  1. Salads – Until and unless the restaurant offers special fresh salads, you shouldn’t place orders for salads at all. You have so many main course options when calling for online food delivery in Chandigarh that salad seems kind of a waste of money. You can just prepare a fresh salad at home once your food arrives. Besides this, it could take time for the food to arrive, and if your salad has sauces in it, they might soak up, which might not taste extremely delicious.
  2. Beverages – Many people order beverages like cold drinks or coffee from restaurants. Your cold coffee will become warm and your hot coffee will be cold by the time it arrives at your doorstep. Plus, packing coffee is not easy, and it could get a little messy for the delivery person too. Calling for coffee from a café makes total sense but not when you are making a proper food order online from a restaurant. So, skip on beverages like coke, pepsi, coffee, etc.
  3. Sizzling brownie – A sizzling brownie cannot be served at home like it is in a restaurant. You can separately call for a brownie but don’t even tell the restaurant to send sizzling brownies. It doesn’t make sense as it needs to be served on a hot plate, which is not possible when calling for food online at home.
  4. Chinese noodles – Mostly when Chinese noodles get a little cold, they start sticking together, and if you heat it at home, it loses its true taste. Food items like these are best served fresh and hot at the moment. Since Chinese food made in India has a thick sauce in it and lots of masalas, it can cause acidity problems when eaten cold. So, if you are calling for Chinese food online, make sure you go for rice and not noodle.

We hope these 4 tips help you out when you are calling for food online the next time!

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