Some easy tips for getting gorgeous skin and hair just with the help of your kitchen goods

basmati rice

Why natural kitchen goods for your skin and hair?

With our busy lifestyle, we women rarely get time to pamper our skin and hair regularly with natural products. We indulge in costly artificial product and visit the salon regularly, but we know deep down that, however, polished we look by following these procedures we can never get that inner glow without taking the help of natural products. Like your body need you to eat natural vegetables, fruits and other natural products instead of ordering packaged food every day. Similarly, your skin and hair will also need natural care instead of having artificial products every day. Our kitchen consists of everything we can ever need for our skin and hair. It is time to use them judiciously and for the proper reason. The simple kitchen items can help you in getting gorgeous hair and skin within few days. Every kitchen item has its own benefits only if you know how to use them. After all the importance of natural products can never go away, when it comes to taking care of your body.

basmati rice

Ways to get gorgeous skin and hair

  • Olive oil:the best oil for your skin and hair. Apart from cooking in it, use it for massaging your scalp and apply it on your skin for getting fairer skin and smooth skin. You can massage olive oil in your nails as well as it helps in softening the cuticles and repairs damaged nails.
  • Honey:this sweet ingredient can help you in achieving that flawless skin you have always dream of. This powerful natural antioxidant has healing properties. Use it as a mask in winter for providing miniaturization and hydration to your skin. When, applied with aloe Vera, it can help in removing suntan and lessens the pain of the sunburn skin.
  • Gram Flour:South Asians swear by gram flour for their daily skin cleaning regimen. Gram flour or besan acts as a soap and scrub for removing, dirt, dead cells and helps in skin lightening as well. It also removes excess oil from the skin. This can be your perfect face washing ingredient when you have oily skin and you use it instead of your artificial face wash.
  • Lemon:this versatile fruit is as good for your skin and hair as it for your body. This citric fruit are great natural marks and tan remover for your skin. Mix lemon juice with turmeric and apply this every week for getting fairer skin within few weeks. This is a wonderful bleacher for your skin without any side-effects like the artificial ones might give you. You can exfoliate your lips by mixing the proper amount of lemon juice along with some sugar.
  • Rice:The staple cereal for most of the world’s population has some amazing benefits for your skin and hair as well. Rice water can be prepared at home which helps in protecting hair and skin from environmental damage. You can use basmati rice or any other variety of rice for making rice water.

Now, you have some idea about these kitchen ingredients which you can use for getting flawless skin and gorgeous tresses.

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