Elevator for the handicapped-advantages and things to consider


As a residential care giver for the elders and handicapped, I find handicap elevators are soon becoming much more affordable and an essential item to support their easy movement. People who are disabled physically may face the problem of free movement between floors. This may shatter their confidence level and lead to depression and other psychological state. With handicap elevators and wheelchair lifts you can gift the safest mobility device for the handicapped person.

The advantages of the handicap elevators include the following:

  • Easy and free movement between floors of a home

  • Does not require any changes in the construction plan of the home

  • Handicap elevators can be easily uninstalled and stored when not using

  • Requires very less maintenance

  • Comes with easy foldable option in most models

  • Requires less space

  • Can be used even when there is no power

When selecting the elevators for the handicapped I always advise my clients to look for certain specifications and functionalities as listed below. These will ensure a much more convenient and comfortable movement for the handicapped.

Features of the elevator

Look for specific features of the elevators and make a viable comparison amongst the various models and brands. You must enquire about the dimension of the platform, sensory alarms to ensure that the elevator will not work unless the wheelchair is properly positioned. Such added features ensure better safety for the handicapped person who can move from floor to floor without much tension. There are also couple of models that comes with hand held control buttons which again gives freedom for the user.

Alerts in case there is anything wrong with the system and so on are many of the advanced features. It is a reality that a single model with all the features loaded is impossible to find. So, I would advise you to have your own checklist of expectation depending upon the user and look for models that satisfies most of the items in the list.

Operation of the lift

Elevators for handicapped are operated by hydraulic, manual or electronic methods. The manual method may sound traditional but one major advantage of this is that it can work even when there is no power. It is better to look for automated models that come with manual operation also. I personally believe that lesser the sophisticated features lesser would be chances of breakdowns. Pick only those features that are actually needed by the user.

Safety aspect

As you are looking for elevators for the handicap you must be extremely cautious in selection. Look for safety features like seat belts and other such accessories. This will help the person disabled to move around the home freely without depending on anybody for support. Good arm rest and hand bars can all add extra value for the elevators and make it more useful.


The best person to give you a complete detail of the various types would be the dealer of the handicap elevators. You can discuss with them and get an understanding about the space required for every model, any specific requirements etc. Also, you must consider the time taken for installation and any constructional changes if any required. As all this will add up your bill and you must know them to plan your finance.


Servicing of the elevators is a must. Handicapped person will feel dejected when the elevator breakdown. To ensure smooth functioning of the system keep regular checks on the maintenance aspect. Sign a contract for maintenance with any of the best of dealers who offer remarkable customer service.

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The Author is an experienced elevator lift professional with decades of experience in the industry. He recommends installing Residential Elevators in every home with elderly and disabled family members. When he is not providing his services to his clients in Calgary, he is offering consultation or sharing his knowledge.

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