Exploring Pahalgam: the beautiful foothill sister of Gulmarg

Exploring Pahalgam

Pahalgam is a beautiful place for all vacationers. Let’s find out what are the most interesting things to do in here. The best way to arrive in Pahalgam is to take a Srinagar to Pahalgam taxi.

The Valley Of Shepherds

At an elevation of 2,130 m and around 95 km from Srinagar, Pahalgam is presumably the most mainstream hill spot in the entire Kashmir valley. Since it is lower than Gulmarg the evening temperatures don’t drop so low. It has the further preferred standpoint of the wonderful Lidder River running directly through the town.

Pahalgam falls at the intersection of the Aru and Sheshnag rivers and enclosed by fir-shrouded mountains with snow-laden tops ascending behind. Aru streams forth from the Kolahoi icy mass past Lidderwat while the Sheshnag from ice sheets along the colossal Himalayan. At the intersection of the streams spilling out of Lidder and Sheshnag, Pahalgam was at one time a modest shepherd’s town with amazing views to explore. Presently it Kashmir’s chief resort, cool notwithstanding amid the tallness of summer.

Distance between Srinagar and Pahalgam is about 90 km and it takes about 3 hours to reach the place by Srinagar to Pahalgam taxi.

Prime Attractions of Pahalgam


The grandiose level, on which the remaining parts of the old sanctuary of Martanda stand, stands over the edge town of Matan, situated at its foot.

Mattan and Martand

Just a couple km past Anantnag, on the way to Pahalgam, Mattan is an interesting journey point, due its springs which are full of fish. A confounded legend relates that the springs were made when Lord Shiva tore open an egg, which had been tossed there, the egg being the resurrected type of a distracted kid, who had been reviled by a meandering sage and that is just a large portion of the story. On a level above Mattan and 3-km toward the south, stands the tremendous demolished sanctuary of Martand. Worked by Lalitaditya Muktapida it is the most noteworthy old ruin in Kashmir and wonderfully sited. From here to Pahalgam the path takes after the course of the Lidder River, past some great trout havens.

Overa Wildlife Sanctuary

Overa Wildlife Sanctuary is found 76-km from Srinagar, close Pahalgam, and has a region of 32.27-sq-kms. The zone is home to various uncommon types of fowls and warm-blooded animals.

Things to do in Pahalgam


Pahalgam is one of Kashmir’s prevalent trout fish beats. Kashmir is well known for its trout in spite of the fact that they have a tendency to be fairly smaller in size. Furthermore, angling licenses are difficult to get and rather costly. The catch is to keep a tour guide and one is allowed to catch six fishes, in a day.

Major Attractions

Mamleshwar, Baisaran, Tulian Lake, Aru.

On The Road To Pahalgam

The way to Pahalgam begins towards Jammu yet later branches off toward the east at Anantnag. There are various purposes of enthusiasm along this course including a few Mughal Gardens — to be sure in the event that one take a transport visit to Pahalgam one’ll be altogether amazed with Mughal Gardens when one arrives.

Chandanwari and the Passage To The Amarnath Yatra

At 16-km from Pahalgam, Chandanwari is the start of the Amarnath Yatra, which happens each year in the month of Sawan (Rain). The destination is the Amarnath Cave, accepted to the home Lord Shiva. Despite the fact that the street from Pahalgam to Chandanwari is on genuinely level landscape, and can be attempted via auto, from Chandanwari onwards the track turns out to be much more extreme, covered on foot or on horse. Found 11-km from Chandanwari is the mountain pit of Sheshnag, after which is the last stop, Panchtarni, about 13 km afar. The Amarnath hole is 6-km far from there. In Sawan month, an ice stalagmite frames a characteristic Shiva linga automatically, which waxes and fades with the periods of the moon. The state government makes broad courses of action each year for the fruitful consummation of the journey, enlisting every one of the more than one lakh explorers, horse proprietors and Dandi Walas, giving camps on the way, and guaranteeing protected, agreeable and fast advance of the Yatris. Regardless of the fact that one’s visit to Pahalgam is not amid the time of the Yatra, one can at present take a horse ride up to Sheshnag Lake, returning late night.

Pahalgam Hiking

There are numerous short strolls accessible from Pahalgam and likewise it is a magnificent base for more treks, for example, those to the Kolahoi or to Amarnath. Pahalgam can be utilized as a beginning stage for treks out of the locale as it is a easier stretch. Pahalgam is especially well known for its numerous shepherds and they’re a typical sight, driving their groups of sheep along the ways all around the town.

So check out these places to visit around Pahalgam as well as explore the things to do and have a nice tour!

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