How a Facebook Page Can Help Your Business

How a Facebook Page Can Help Your Business

Whether you’re an up-and-coming business or a well-established one, nothing will put you on the map quite like a Facebook Page can. I have invested a lot of my time, energy, and money into companies that I found purely through Facebook. Here’s how you can enhance your brand through Facebook today:

Cheap as Free

Creating a Facebook Page for people to Like is as cheap as it gets in the marketing business: completely free. It doesn’t cost you anything to create a page with your business’s name on it. All it takes is a few loyal fans to Like it and share it with friends and you’ve already gone viral. Word of mouth is a powerful tool in the social media marketing business that will take you from a nothing to a something.

Market to Anyone and Everyone

There are now more than a billion users on Facebook. Literally everyone and their moms are using it. Moms are actually becoming the highest growing user on Facebook. No matter who your target market is, you can find them on Facebook. You can change it up or keep it specific in fact, no other place will target your ads more specific to your market.

Specificity Unlike Any Other

Once you create your Page, you will want to get more Likes by creating ads for the Page that will pop up on users’ home page. The ads are inexpensive a fraction of the price of traditional media such as television, radio, or printing services and will find the people you want. If you’re looking for girls ages 14-17 in the Hamden, Connecticut area that already like brands like Pinkberry, your ad can pop up on their home pages. You can make it as specific as you want to.

Create Facebook Fan Deals

Incentivize people to Like your page or to continue Liking your page by sweetening the deal. If they don’t get anything out of recognizing that they Like your brand, there’s no reason to stick around and keep Liking it just to get annoying posts on their news feeds. Give them coupons and discounts that they could only find on Facebook and you’ll find yourself with a lot more fans than you had before.

Generate Conversation


Possibly the best reason to put your business on the social media map is to generate conversation about your business. The problem with traditional media, like printing services in Hamden, is that the business is the one starting the conversation, and then it just peters out, because no one trusts advertisements. What you want is for your fans to start the conversation for you, because the love group (or the fans that love you) will more easily persuade the swing group (or the people that are still on the fence about you). As long as you give reasons for fans to post on Facebook why they love you, such as a competition, you’ll easily be able to generate conversation and get more fans.

Not every business should have the same media strategy, but every business should have a Facebook Page to manage and maximize your fans.

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