Famous food of Chandni Chowk

food of Chandni Chowk

If your world moves around food, then all you need to do is keep all other priorities aside and visit Delhi’s Chandni Chowk. The first thing which hits tourists in this part of the capital is the magnetic aroma of food which breathes life into the locals. For foodies around the globe, the place is as good as heaven. Here are the top places you must visit in Chandni Chowk as a part of delhi day tour to treat your stomach.

Natraj bhalle wala

If you claim to be a fan of dahibhalla, here is your chance to taste the best dahibhallas in India. The shop has been running for the past 90 years and has become a heritage place among food lovers. Indigenous spices are used in making the dish.

Babu Ram Paranthe Wala

Chandni Chowk and the very, very Paranthewaligali are almost synonymous to each other. So do you want to have a delicious meal which doesn’t burn a hole in pocket? Well then you need to visit this place.  The parathas are budget-friendly and one can eat to their taste buds content from nearly 100 varieties to choose from.

 Lala Babu Chaat Bhandaar 

If you are interested in eating authentic chat, then this is a great place for you – the Lala Babu Chaat Bhandaar. Straightaway head to this place for the most delicious chaat you will ever have.  The place is located bang opposite McDonalds and very easy to find.  One of the best items to have here is gobi muttar samosas here. Do not miss out on it.


We bet you have heard of this movie before, in many Hindi movies at least. Amidst all the terrible chaos in the heart of Old Delhi, this is a hidden gem, literally a hidden gem for food lovers. The place, very famous among the locals, has a years old history of giving you only the best and finest non-veg food in the capital. The place is absolutely heaven for those who live on non-veg food. Do not forget to try their different varieties of kebabs. Food in Chandni Chowk is incomplete without Karim’s.

Kuremal Mohan Lal Kulfi Wale

So once you are done gorging on all those main dishes and non veg food, it is now time for a yummy dessert to soothe the stomach. And what better way to do it than enjoy a kulfi? This is probably the best place in the whole country for those who love to eat kulfi. They have a large variety of Kulfis and you can take even a whole day to taste all of those. The prices are pocket friendly.

Jung Bahadur Kachori Wala

The place is a great roadside stand right near the paranthe wali gali. And also, it will be very easy for you to spot it. They serve hot and crisp kachoris with aloo kisubzi which together tastes nothing less than only the best. The crispy kachoris leave you wanting for more.

Either you go for local Delhi tour or indulge in one day trips from delhi, you cannot give a miss to Chandni Chowk famous food, it’s worth very visit.

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