Charismatic cakes at the doorstep within minutes!

Charismatic cakes

What is the very first thought that comes to mind whenever an event is organized or some celebration is planned? Invariably, the universal answer will be a ‘Cake’ or rather ‘A big fat cake’! This is not a very recent trend as cakes are integral to any kind of celebration since earlier times as well. However, in those days, the households and even normal occasions used to have just simple chocolate, vanilla or strawberry cakes at the most in order to commemorate the same. This scenario has undergone a drastic…

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Wedding Shopping Markets You Don’t Want to Miss in Mumbai

Western Wear

Wedding Shopping can be one hell of a job. If you have a lot of time in store, what you really want to do is get it all right. You might think that if you have months in advance to prepare for everything you would not face too many issues. But you may be wrong. The tricky part about wedding shopping is, it is in fact essential you starts months before your wedding. You are then not giving yourself extra time, but just enough to get all the things done…

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3 essential points to consider when you hire a professional tattoo artist

In the past tattoos were found on sailors, bikers or natives with their traditional ink. However, today it has become a common sight to find people with piercings and tattoos. It is quite obvious that you will feel tempted to get inked for someone special or even for your own self. The entire process of tattooing is adventurous. It is for this reason that you must choose your tattoo artist very well, after taking many references from your friends, visiting the parlors of the tattoo artists, and also enquiring about…

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Spruce up The Look With 2016 Men’s Style Guide

Spruce up The Look With 2016 Men’s Style Guide Be it retro styles, bold prints or nautical stripes. Guys!! Don’t take your step back to flaunt your style this season. Recently, I was watching fashion week of London, Paris and New York. They were showcasing the best of menswear for the 2016. They had experimented with feminine silhouette, sensitive fabric and experimented with prints. Designers have proved that reds and pinks are not only girly colors. Comon guys!! Get out of the static world and experiment something new. Recreate your…

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How Collar Pins can get you an OMG!

collar pins

Remember the time, in the name of accessories, women only had choices of gold or silver jewellery and men only had watches or ties. But the times have changed. Getting a more trendy and stylish look is very easy. All you need to do is to accessorise your outfit, and you can get in the world of awesomeness. There are many varieties of accessories that are available to add glamour and fashion statements to your clothes and one of the accessories that has caught our eyes is the collar pins….

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Tips and Tricks to get creative with Plazo Suits

Plazo Suits

The Indian fashion industry is trending at a rapid pace. Today, Plazo Suits every Indian woman is looking for attire that matches her taste and personality. While today the markets are flooded with western wear, we keep looking for something that is classy as well as ethnic and can deliver style and comfort together. The traditional Salwar kameez has always hold a top position in the list of ethnic wear for Indian women, however, today, when ladies are on a hunt of new styles and trends to dress them up,…

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