Fragrant Birthday Gifts & Flowers for Loved Ones

Fragrant Birthday Gifts

Every birthday leaves an imprint on the mind. This is because regardless of age, everyone gets into the party mood. The birthday cake, various kinds of savouries, decorations, group games, gifts, etc, only serve to enhance the jolliness of the atmosphere. Add a bouquet of delicious-smelling flowers to the scenario, and it becomes all the more memorable and glorious.

Roses all the Way

It is a common phrase, “Just say it with roses”! Unlike other flowers, these blooms grow in a variety of brilliant hues. There are pure shades and mixed shades. In fact, choosing the right kind of flowers can prove to be an overwhelming task indeed. In such a scenario, thinking of the occasion and the person can prove to be extremely helpful. For instance, suppose one’s close friend was residing in India. It would be good to send across pure yellow roses on the individual’s birthday. The ‘yellow’ is a representation of friendship. The bouquet suffices to convey to the recipient how much the giver is missing his/her presence. There are many online shops to forward birthday flowers to India.

Then again, if the birthday relates to someone truly special, deep red roses or blushing pink ones should suit the purpose marvellously well. White roses suggest serenity and love. What better symbol of personality can there be? There are all kinds of shades in red, orange, blue, yellow, white, pink, etc, to choose from, as far as these majestic flowers are concerned.

Shapes, Sizes and Numbers

Now that it has been decided that the king/queen of all flowers is best for birthdays, one may pay attention to shapes and sizes. It would be good to send across flowers in the right numbers. For instance, just visualise around 100 small roses enclosed within a green frame or pressed against a background of green. The roses may be in diverse shades of pink, arranged in the shape of a heart. The heart-shaped green frame may comprise of tiny and neatly trimmed sprigs, leaves or something else. The recipient will realise that the giver is remembering him/her with love, while also wishing him/her a long life, full of colour and joy.

Similarly, the age of the receiver may be represented through the number of roses on display. One can imagine 24 peachy blossoms nestling amongst dark-green leaves arranged within a small basket. Alternatively, there could be a profusion of yellow-coloured or cream-coloured roses and green ferns gaily flowing out of a basket with a handle on it. Online shops are ready to offer customised gifts too, provided the recipient spells out the specifications.


Since the flowers are travelling quite a distance, the giver may like to forward something else with them. For instance, if the recipient has a sweet tooth, he/she will not mind a scrumptious chocolate or black forest cake accompanying the bouquet. Then again, someone else may be delighted to receive a cute-looking teddy. Yet another may love the idea of munching on Ferroro Rocher pieces or fresh fruits.

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