Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Here you go

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Why everyone on the web talking about the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, what is so special? Don’t you want to know? Well, it seems like before the actual release, people have over rated the release of Galaxy Note 5. And the reason is very simple as Samsung is going to integrate the best processor, 4GB RAM, 4K display and powerful battery. The recent Samsung smartphone also put light on the future launching Galaxy Note 5, for example smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge – it’s a truly unique device. At the…

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How to improve quality of a scanned document

improve quality of a scanned document

If you’re keen to covert JPG into MS word file, you’ll realize variety of the way of doing it. This job isn’t any additional a tough one to accomplish, which might be drained many ways in which following some of easy and user friendly steps. The fundamental reason of changing identical is to easily add any JPG image within the word document or just to convert any text document that is saved into JPG to the word format. attributable to the JPG format exploitation the quality referred to as Loss…

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Think beyond Megabyte- go Gigabytes with SanDisk!


As the technology has shifted from gears to overdrives, noticeable changes in the arena of mobile technology was clearly gauged. In fact, it is not just the mobile technology that has undergone sea changes but everything else that is closely associated with the same. Mobile phones of today are commonly known as the Smartphones and the reason for the same is its brilliant capabilities to carry out the operations and the truck laden features that come along with it. Today, a mobile phone is a portable music player, a digital…

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HTC 8X- Radiating Superiority from Every Edge


HTC mobile phones derive in the list of such accomplished phones which can meet different phone requirements of the people. The large dimension display and high rapidity processors are the two high-class equalities of HTC handset. One would not find any difficulties while functioning with these phones. It is stimulating to know that such phones come with solid batteries, massive memory capacity, and brilliant entertainment feature. Design / hardware This phone syndicates angular lines with arcs in unique and pleasant ways, then adds container of colours to the mix. A…

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Micromax Funbook: All good things are not expensive.

Micromax Funbook

Key Features  Android v4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Operating System 7-inch Capacitive Touchscreen 1.2 GHz Cortex A8 Processor 0.3 MP Primary Camera Wi-Fi Expandable Memory of 32 GB   The most recent in the android platform launched, is the Micromax Funbook, the Tab is exceptionally brawny and silky to take. This Android 4.0 ice cream sandwich operating system based Micromax Tab promises silky functioning of its application in the Tab. The powerful and fashionable Funbook is crowded with thrilling features for amusement. The 1.2 GHz Cortex-A8 processor is just to ensure that you get…

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Apple iTunes Store now in India

Apple iTunes

Apple iTunes Music Store – World’s No. 1 Music store is now in India. Apple has launched the iTunes Store in India and some other countries which has a selection of local and international music from known and unknown artists all over the World. Now anyone can just browse which means you can browse their favourite movies, albums, songs whenever they want and buy it. And we all know access to the Apple’s iTunes Store has been a long awaited demand in the Country Movie freaks can rent or purchase…

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