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In this internet era, earning a living from blogging is a reality for many and an ambition of most. Blogging has created the ability to magnify revenue streams through sharing information and opinions online. As with any skill, there are tools which professional bloggers use to increase productivity and organization. A plethora of applications and websites exist to help writers of all levels realize their blogging goals. Let us briefly discuss one of these resources called WordPress.

Why should I choose WordPress?

Even those foreign to the blogging world should be familiar with WordPress. It is commonly recognized as the most popular blogging platform. Even if you have not heard of it, you have surely visited a webpage designed with WordPress. WordPress is a content management system which allows you to fully build and customize a blog to your liking. One downside of WordPress is that it requires a technical background that most creatives do not have. Writers who want to customize blogs without getting tangled in a mesh of technical jargon will most benefit from using the online portal at

WordPress Themes

WordPress is made much more user friendly by its easy to use, customizable themes. These pre-made themes can instantly generate the framework for anything from an e-commerce shop to an online media portfolio. These themes are what sets WordPress apart among other blogging platforms. They grant anyone the ability to design a blog with the look and feel of a professional website. Although themes rich in features usually have an attached price tag, free themes are available in abundance.


As one might expect, WordPress is in step with all new technology. We are drifting into a time when the internet is usually accessed by means other than a computer. There is an ever-increasing number of people accessing the web on tablets, smart phones, and mobile devices. This puts pressure on website owners to create multiple versions of their site in order for content to display properly from person to person. With responsive themes, there is no reason to host multiple versions of sites. The WordPress application will automatically adjust your content to display properly on the detected device.

Social Media Integration

For any website, being able to share information via social media accounts is an absolute must. Social sharing makes your post instantly searchable, increasing the chances that your content will go viral. Most themes cater to social network interaction. Social networks that have a focus on visual content, such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, integrate best within the WordPress portal. Social media apps often run on auto-pilot and will automatically share your posts across other platforms.

Search Engine Optimization

Those who blog for business will be happy to know that search engine optimization features are built into WordPress. There is no need to invest extra energy in SEO. WordPress is a search engine optimization powerhouse fresh out of the box. Some things WordPress takes into account are readability, site speed, and indexable content for your blog. Just by hosting your blog with WordPress, you will be increasing your visibility in search engines.


WordPress offers thousands upon thousands of themes. It may seem overwhelming to a novice but once you learn your way around the program you will see the many possibilities. If you are a blogger, WordPress will have all the tools on your wish list as well as many that you didn’t know about. The first step is to assess your needs and choose the proper theme. Regardless of what blogging software you choose, be sure to integrate social media so that the world can find your content.

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