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Around 90 billion business emails are sent every day, making it difficult for job seekers to get noticed. Since emails are usually the first medium of contact with employers so subject line can bring huge difference. It can be a good marketing tool that can define your personal brand, differentiate yourself and make you stand out from crowd.

So how can you encourage readers to click on your email and read it properly? Different Career advisors have given guidelines for writing subject line depending upon careers, industry and context. Here are few tips to assist you in email writing process:

  •        Keep it Precise

 Normally 60 characters of subject line are shown in the inbox of any employer. While on the other hand in mobiles this limit is up to 25-30 characters. You have limited space therefore avoid adding extra details. Be specific, to the point and include relevant details only. Avoid wasting words on saying “Hello” or “Thanks”, just go directly at the main point.

For Example: “Digital Marketing Manager Job Application”

  •        Use Key Point in Beginning

According to a research, Most of the employers check their emails through cell phones. You never know how many characters of subject line, recruiters would be able to see through their mobile devices. It is considered vital to put the important information in the beginning subject line, otherwise it is possible that important information might get ignored.

For Example: “HR Manager with 6 Years’ Experience”

  •        Be Specific

Most of the Hiring managers spend just 10 seconds reviewing a resume, hence they most likely spend less time in going through emails. Your subject line should directly convey who you are and what you are looking for, without the employer needing to open the email.

For Example: “Jack Martin for Network Administrator”.

  •        Use Keywords

Most of the recruiters use specific filters to manage their emails and find out the specific job seekers. Add specific keywords in your subject line for example “job application” or job title to make your email searchable.

For Example: “Job Application: Jack Martin for Online Accounts Assistant”

Don’t capitalize each word

Writing subject line in all caps might get recruiters attention but in a negative way. Capitalizing each word conveys that you are yelling and it is considered as a symptom of anger and anxiety. Avoid caps and instead use dashes or colons to separate your ideas & opinions.

For Example: Job Inquiry: Graphic Web Designer

Include name of Reference

If someone has given your reference than instead of putting their name in body, include it directly in subject line to right away grab the attention of recruiter. You can also start subject line with the person’s name.

For Example “Referred by Paul Smith for Web Developer Job Position”

A catchy and well written subject line can bring the difference and might land you to your next job. Therefore follow these simple tips to make an eternal first impression at employers.

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