How To Go About Doing Guest Blogging Successfully

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is something that many writers get involved with. Some do really well with it. Others tend to have more difficulty. It’s those people that have this degree of difficulty to whom I am speaking to today.

I’m here to help your job be that much easier. Below I have about 3 points that need to be addressed. My hope is that through addressing these finer points you will have a better understanding over the task at hand.


This is a big issue that many people seem to have. Some like the idea of putting themselves out there with the help of others. Yet, they fail to know what the topic of conversation actually is. It’s the equivalent of dispensing advice to someone, when you have never gone through the experience yourself.

Each one of you who guest blogs needs to read up on the person you are helping out. Find out what the blog is about. Take a look at the reviews. Take a look at the tags and the ideas that are mentioned. If you are going to be calling yourself an expert on the subject, you need to do your homework.

If you don’t people will not be taking your seriously. If they can’t take your seriously on someone else’s blog, how can they take you seriously with your blog or content? You need to work with the other person in perfect cohesion. Remember, this is their blog. It’s their rules. If you want this to work, than you need to go by their rules and content.


This is another issue that causes mistakes for some writers. If you are going to write on someone else’s blog, you need to provide your credentials. You need to show this person you are the right person for the guest spot.

Just because you already have your spot, doesn’t mean there isn’t someone more highly trained for the subject. Give the details of your work. Show them the evidence. This will give them a clear vision of where you stand on certain things. It’s kind of like going into a courtroom, arguing a case for someone else.

You need to show them that you are the right person to argue the point. Which means, you need to brush up on the files. You need to brush up on the files so much, that others consider you the only other authority on the subject or case. Same thing applies for guest blogging. Showing them your proof would be the equivalent of your showing off your skills in the courtroom.


This is a dicey one for some of you. Some like to refrain, only because they don’t want to hurt the other person’s feelings. There is a way to be honest without being harsh. Don’t butter people up. Some like to do this. You will not be successful this way.

Talk frankly with the audience. Talk clearly and concisely. Never talk down to your audience or harshly. There is a way to be honest, without having to get mean about it. Think about the other person for a second. Would he or she approach their audience in this way? How would it look if you just took the reigns on their ship? This could potentially damage their blog.

If this happens, it’s not their mistake, it’s yours. It’s not about you and your reputation. That will come with time and experience. It’s about the person you are helping out.


There is a right and wrong way to do everything.If you do any one of these things, you will be a success. The idea is not to be successful right away. Sometimes that takes a while. The idea is to do the work and help out someone else. If you keep these elements flowing in perfect synergy, the rest will radiate off of this successfully.

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