Go For the Right Massage Table for the Right Fit and Firmness

Massage Table

It is very well said and even experienced by a number of people that massaging a body relaxes it and gives rest keeping it fresh and active. Because of such reasons, the demands for the massage therapists are increasing very rapidly. For those in the career of massage service must take some precautionary steps to understand the importance of massaging.

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One must be well trained with the perfect massage steps, oil usage, and even the table that plays a very important role in massage. Though it seems very daunting choosing the right massage table to be kept in your massage parlor, yet one can also buy massage table online through reputed online stores that have great reliability and experience of selling all sort of medical related products.

Massage a relaxing and skillfully executed treatment can all be ineffective if the massage table is not the right fit for the service. It is not wise spending money on choosing the table that is offering discomfort or regular injuries spoiling the business altogether.

Thus, one must follow some points in mind while making the selection of a perfect massage table-

  • The type of treatmentIt largely depends upon what sort of treatment and pressure is required, such as sports massage for which the table width and stiffness varies. Therefore, being a therapist one must understand the importance of pressure to be applied and select the table wisely.
  • Client’s comfort- Buying slightly wider tables for the clients offer them the comfort and relaxation during the massage treatment. Generally, a table with a width of 26” to 28” is concerned better by many therapists.
  • Softness and foam thickness- Here also it depends largely on the type of massage treatment done as in sports massage, the pressure applied is more, so the force must not be dissipated through the soft base. Tables come along with softness properties and supportiveness to perform massage safely and comfortably.
  • Adjustment of height- The massage tables so purchased for the massage therapy must have some sort of adjustment for managing its height so that the hip is leveled with the top of the soft foam filled vinyl. As some tables come up to only a standard height, buying such tables are not strongly advisable. Fixed height tables may have an adverse effect on the therapist’s body harming the future growth and success.
  • Lifting backrest mechanism- Some tables available in the online stores are tilted or flat depending upon the massage need. Many tables do have lifting backrests where a greater angular movement is possible. In some massage treatments like reflexology, the patients feel better lifted up taking to the therapist and getting the treatment performed. In such cases, the backrest mechanism tables are treated as the best.
  • Strength and firmness- It is highly recommended to all the therapists cautiously checking the strength of the table before making a final purchase. Reiki end panel’s tables are considered to weaken the construction of the table. Keep the tables within the budget and go for a strength and firmness.

Whether being a mobile therapist of a clinical therapist, there are plenty of table options available online to choose the best and perfect massage fit.

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