Some Great Bali Destinations to Explore

Bali Destinations

Bali is awesome destination for holiday. This island is awesome with its attractive destinations. There are various tourism destinations to visit and explore. Because of its beauty, this island has become famous among many tourists. In this case, there are many bali destinations and national park is one of them. Bali has a great national park and it is West Bali National Park. This national park is awesome and so famous for its floras and faunas. Among many animals found in this park, there is White Starling as the iconic bird in this island. About the forest, it is divided into several categories. There are savanna, lowland forests, and mangrove. Even, there is a beautiful beach on this park. This beach is not only about sands and water, yet there is diving and snorkeling spot to explore. This national park can represent the beauty of Bali.


Beaches are not only found in the national park. Even, Bali is so famous for its awesome beaches. There are a lot of beaches to visit. The beaches in bali destinations can be great destinations for water sports and other activity.

  • When it is about water sport, surfing will be one of the best water sport to enjoy. If tourists want to ride the waves, Kuta and Legian will be the right spot for it. These beaches have been known for its awesome waves and there have been many surfers enjoying the great waves of those beaches.
  • Then, tourists can also enjoy swimming. For swimming, Lovina will be great destination. This beach is perfect for swimming since the waves of this beach is not too strong. It is calm enough so it is safe for swimming. Another entertainment is the dolphins. Beautiful group of dolphins can be found in this beach.
  • Then, there is also Jimbaran. Jimbaran offers a calm beach and it is not too crowded. In this case, the beach also has some shopping destinations. These can be great place to find several iconic handycraft or merchandise from this island of gods.


Then, for lovers of hiking and climbing, there is Gunung Agung. This is the good mount to climb. One of the great things in this mount is about the Pura Besakih. This becomes one of the most important temple in Bali, even this temple is made to protect the whole Bali island from evil. There is also a myth saying that there is dragon in the deep of this mountain. Of course, the temple provides great view of its awesome cultural heritage. The temple also provides some ceremonies where tourists can see them. The other temple is Tanah Lot. This temple is not located on the mountain, but it stands on the rock. The rock faces the sea directly, so it is the breathtaking spot to enjoy the beauty of Bali’s culture and the brewing ocean winds. This is also famous spot to enjoy the sunset. Location and its great spot make Tanah Lot so famous and this is one of the best bali destinations to visit.

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