How Collar Pins can get you an OMG!

collar pins

Remember the time, in the name of accessories, women only had choices of gold or silver jewellery and men only had watches or ties. But the times have changed. Getting a more trendy and stylish look is very easy. All you need to do is to accessorise your outfit, and you can get in the world of awesomeness.

Collar Pins

There are many varieties of accessories that are available to add glamour and fashion statements to your clothes and one of the accessories that has caught our eyes is the collar pins. Collar pin is a simple and omnipresent accessory. Apart from being a timeless piece, collar pins can be combined perfectly with contemporary outfits. Here are some frequently asked questions answered that will help you understand the reasons you should invest your money into collar pins.

What is the main purpose of Collar Pins?

Collar pin is worn to provide two functions. One, the shape of the collar pins is almost similar to that of a safety pin and is used to bring your collar tabs together; giving the collar an exclusive and typical look. Second, it holds the tie in such a manner that it holds the tie more prominently.

What kind of collars should be worn to wear a collar pin?

Every shirt is not designed to wear a collar pin. Ones that have collars forward pointed are more suitable to be worn to wear the collar pins. Also, shirts with club collars works perfect for this accessory.

What is the perfect occasion of wearing a collar pin?

Collar pins are perfect in your daily routine or any special or casual occasions. It works well even if you wear to your office or you are going out on a date. It adds an interesting detail to your outfit that will make you look prim and proper.

Are there any disadvantages of wearing a collar pin?

The biggest drawback of wearing a collar pin is that it creates holes in your shirt’s collar. These can be disappeared once your shirt is washed. However, if you use it regularly on the same shirt it will ultimately start deteriorating. In case, you are too worried about destroying your favourite shirts, then you should rather not wear the collar pins.

Can collar pins be replaced with anything?

Yes, collar pins can be replaced with clip on versions. They do exactly the same job without creating any holes in the collar, thereby saving your shirt from destroying. Collar Bars can also be used if want to have a more personalised look.

Are collar pins or clip-on easily available?

It is easy to find collar pins or clip-on in any accessory store. In fact, nowadays you can also find collar pins online India. Since the collar pins are made out of metal, if not bought from a good branded store, it might get rust and ruin your shirt as well and a good quality collar pins can be expensive. Purchasing it online will save you some money and you can also get some deal as well.

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