HTC 8X- Radiating Superiority from Every Edge


HTC mobile phones derive in the list of such accomplished phones which can meet different phone requirements of the people. The large dimension display and high rapidity processors are the two high-class equalities of HTC handset. One would not find any difficulties while functioning with these phones. It is stimulating to know that such phones come with solid batteries, massive memory capacity, and brilliant entertainment feature.

Design / hardware

This phone syndicates angular lines with arcs in unique and pleasant ways, then adds container of colours to the mix. A four-sided body with gently rounded angles that matches softly to a thin edge around the device, with a part of black gorilla glass in front. HTC’s brash the envelope here with what looks like soft touch frosty surfaces. One of the most outstanding features of 8x design is the earphone which contests the blue hue of the rest of the handset.

Performance and battery life

The phone is balanced with modern twin –core processor lashing a 720p display. Calls sounded loud and strong on the 8x both with the earpiece and the speaker. Ditto for music replay over headphones and ear buds, this established the same immaculate audio superiority.


This shooter syndicates the same 8 megapixel behind –irradiated sensor f/2.0 wide viewpoint autofocus lens and image chip knowledge. It has the capability to capture subdues while taping video, plus the burst, HDR and landscape mode. It has dual –arrow icon for an innovative feature called lenses, which are plug-ins intended to spread the shooter’s functionality. Colour stability and acquaintance are extremely precise, Low light presentation is sturdy. It is the fastest window phone shooter.


The new 8x has so many developed structures with unified Google incorporation. There is no way to do our works deprived of proper provision for innovative Gmail features, numerous private Google datebooks, Google conversation and Google voice. Even the newest societal sites like twitter, Facebook and authorised applications like drop box, instragram, flip board, Google music, square and many more. It also delivers some in house apps and supplementary situations. An HTC application groups up to date climate forecasting, stocks, along with match appraisals. Flashlight is enormously improved with LED flash on the back of the handset into a torch with three stages of brightness. Photo accompaniment filters your entire prevailing pictures whole with an auto augment option. Converter offers a rapid and easy way to change units and exchanges.

Wrap- up

HTC’s window 8x phone is well-intentioned flagship. It syndicates remarkable looks, solid edifice and high end specs in a comparatively compressed and pleasantly colourful set. It has an immediate QUALCOMM dual core snapdragon, excessive battery life, 8 megapixel camera, and attractive 4.3 inch super LCD screen. 8 xs is the eccentric ambassador of the windows phone 8. The phone has 16 GB of storing and 1 GB of RAM. The device cares cellular occurrences. HTC has prepared the 8x with beats audio. The colours of 8 xs are amazingly bright with elegant outlook.

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