Incredible alternatives to sugar in cakes!

sugar in cakes

Every cake requires a little sugar for taste, but if you are restricted to eating sugar or want to cut it down in your day to day diet, there are tons of alternatives. Sugar is that one food, which if eaten in excess can cause troubles in many ways and if you have too little of it, you might face issues too. If not needed then don’t cut down sugar completely but try using these alternatives if making cakes for those who don’t want this sweet food in their desserts…

sugar in cakes

  1. Honey – Honey is known to be one of the healthiest foods. A lot of cakes and basic recipes involve honey instead of sugar. You can easily cook a nice and gooey cake with honey as it is quite thick in consistency. Other than that, this cake will be packed with antioxidants as honey is extremely nutritional. Cake made with honey can be stored for a longer time so if you want to send cake delivery then use honey in the recipe.
  2. Maple syrup – Maple syrup can be made at home or you can get it from the stores too. This syrup has many benefits, and it is quite a good alternative for sugar. You can use it inside the recipe and also for garnishing the cake.
  3. Applesauce – Applesauce is an alternative for several ingredients used in desserts. If you want to avoid eggs and sugar in the cake, then just use applesauce. Make sure you measure the ingredient properly before putting it in the cake otherwise too much applesauce can make the cake too sweet and gooey. Too little applesauce can make it bland and hard.
  4. Raisins – Blend a cup of fresh raisins in the mixer and add this to the cake. Raisins are packed with fibre and many other nutrients. They are incredible for the health, and they provide the right amount of sweet to any dessert.
  5. Cranberries – Stop using a cup of sugar and replace it with a bunch of cranberries to make cakes and muffins. You will see a beautiful colour to the cake along with a refreshing taste, which is packed with the goodness of antioxidants. Make sure you use fresh cranberries and not canned ones.
  6. Coconut sugar – If you make tons of smoothies, then you know about coconut sugar. It is made with coconut flowers, and this natural sugar is good for health in every way. It is loaded with a lot of potassium, which is incredible for our bones.
  7. Dates – If you have made walnuts and date cake before, then you know about this alternative. Processed dates are widely used in several desserts to replace sugar. You can actually get the perfect chocolate colour of cakes with the help of this ingredient.
  8. Brown rice syrup – Brown rice syrup is nutritious and as tasty as sugar. It can be used for sponge cakes and granola bars.

So, try these alternatives in the cakes instead of going for sugar. When calling for cake delivery online, you can pick cakes with one of these ingredients to test the taste.

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