Innovative Uses of Capturing the Lectures

Capturing the lectures has gone viral nowadays, and it is simultaneously helpful too. One can assume it as the most impactful and essential learning aid where one can record the lecture and use in the near future as many as times they want. Another aspect that comes from recording the lecture is that it increases the engagement of students as they have the copy of it, and they can learn and recall it anywhere and anytime they want. There is no such constraints which will put stop to their pace of learning.

Therefore, any institution comes up with a lecture capture solution then they are really progressing forward. Lecture capture solutions are not only good for institutions, but also for students. And to recall their uses, then there are 5 innovative uses of the lecture capture. These innovative uses are explained here, have a look ahead.

  1. The lecture capture helps in increasing the interaction: In earlier days, when the teachers and their lectures were limited to the lecture hall or room, the lecture capture has really broken the boundaries. Nowadays, the lectures are accessible anytime and anywhere, where the students can simultaneously put questions and comment over. It gives 24/7 learning that is in fact very good.

  2. The learning is now out of the conservative lecture halls: With the lecture capture methodologies, now the boundaries between a lecturer and students have totally decreased. They have conventionally taken it out of the square room where if a student wants, then he or she can access it at his or her home or while driving down to home. Also, the time duration is also not constraints. Students can watch the lectures for whatever duration, they want. They are now not bond to the conventional 45 to 60 minute lectures.

  3. The contents are now neatly customized. Earlier what the lecturer taught was all limited and not accessible. It was either found in the piles of copies or in the brain or either of lecturer or student. But now, the lectures are easily available as the recorded material that can be repeatedly used and forwarded. It is like, someone from the 2016 batch can easily access the lectures of 2009 batch, as they were recorded using the lecture capture solution available. Also, if needed, then the lectures recorded previously can be customized as per the need of the students and teachers.

  4. A great aid for the students who are slow learners or have disability to grasp quickly: As it is well known that not all students have that grasping power. Sometimes, a few are slow learners or sometime, they have a language barrier. Therefore, in the cases, the lecture captures are the best way out as the students can freely slow it down and understand every bit of it. Also, this will be not as humiliating as it is in the lecture hall, asking same thing twice and thrice for a slow learner.

So, with the above 4 points, it would be far clearer that what innovative use these captured lecture can have. Therefore, promote lecture capture so that everyone can get benefitted.

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