4 Awe-Inspiring Themes Cake Designs Your Kids Will Relish

Cake Designs

Whether you are celebrating a success party on your kid’s achievement or planning an awesome birthday party, the cake on the center table is the show stealer of the evening menu. The cake cutting has to be very special, as the guests will immortalize the moments in the captured snapshots and videos. Before you order yet another regular cake for your child this year, here are some ideas to make it more interesting and delightful experience.

  1. Number Cake to Commemorate the First Birthday for Toddlers

    Cake Designs
    Number Cake

    The first birthday is an awesome event to remember. You can order a number cake with first digit in English to memorialize the event. If you are a fan of posting on the social media, prepare a hashtag sign at home with caramelized sugar. This adds a décor to your cake while exhibiting your humorous nature on Facebook and Instagram.

  2. Cricket Field Designer Cakes

    Cake Designs
    Cricket Cakes

    Cricket is the most popular game in the country. If your child loves playing or watching cricket, you can choose the theme to encourage his interest. The cricket theme cake is easy to find online. All you need to do is to contact a reputed distributor of kids cake delivery in India and place the order. View their product gallery properly to see if they design such cakes.

  3. Angry Bird Theme Cak

    Cake Designs
    Angry Bird Cake

    Angry bird has emerged as one of the most popular video games on the internet and Smartphone devices. If your child is also the member of the Angry Bird fan community, give him a rocking surprise by choosing this as the theme of the birthday cake this year. The angry bird theme cake with all characters set on the field is wonderful to look at.

  4. Pokemon/Doremon Cake

    Cake Designs
    Pokemon Cake

    Pokemon and Doremon are enthusiastically appealing characters to the children. They are everywhere in video games, movies, cartoons etc. Now you can order a photo cake of these characters to gift some moments of joy to your kids too.

Customize the Cake Filling and Zests

When you order cakes for kids, it is always necessary to assure that the taste is as good as the topping or frosting. While the overall appearance helps to create the first impression, the ultimate success is deep rooted in the mouth savoring delicacy. The customer support executive available for chat support or phone call will arrange everything to customize the cake. You can also ask them to add some nuts in the sponge layers to add some extra tinge of health and taste.

The decorative frosting enhanced cake you present on the table during the celebrations is a fusion of several layers. Children love chocolate flavors very much. It will be great to choose the sponge layer made of chocolate flavor. The thick whipped cream spreads between successive sponge cake layers can bestow an enticing effect with fusion of fruity combinations such as raspberry syrup, pieces of strawberries etc.

Some Parting Words,

Nowadays, you can reduce the stress of birthday cake preparations for your toddler by ordering it online. You can view the entire gallery of cakes samples before placing the orders. To ensure the best excitement, add some customized flavors and decors of your choice to the cake to give your child mesmerizing and surprising pleasure.

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