Le 1s Vs Coolpad Note 3: Comparison

LeEco Le 1s

The smartphone market is full of truly wonderful new handsets that dazzle with looks as well as capabilities even while being priced very affordably. There are really many alluring affordable models in the current market which totally spoil the buyers for choice. Among these multitude of new devices though, only those become very successful and popular which offer better looks along with good overall smartphone experience.

Design and aesthetic appeal matter a lot when a smartphone model is considered for a buy. A great design and good built quality create a very strong first impression on the buyers who might even compromise a bit on the specs for some gorgeous looks. On the other hand, features and specs really matter for a wholesome smartphone experience, and these are simply not ignored by an experienced smartphone user. Lastly, budget really matters as well, and a buyer with a strict budget will be looking for the best he can get with his money. Fortunately, the current budget smartphone market offers all the above points with some really cool devices.

Here, we are going to compare two of such competitors in this category which are really very capable, namely the LeEco Le 1s and Coolpad Note 3. By pitching these two devices side by side we are going to find out which phone among these two is a worthier buy.

Coolpad Note 3 02Coolpad Note 3

So, take a look at Le 1s Vs Coolpad Note 3 – comparison:


First things first, as looks really matter the aesthetic appeal is what we are going to look into first. The Coolpad Note 3 looks really cool indeed and its simple and neat design language works in its favor. It doesn’t get the hot favorite metal body and gets a usual plastic construction of the standard budget segment. However, its plastic built is good and it doesn’t feel cheap at all, and thus it doesn’t mar its good looks.

On the other hand, the LeEco Le 1s is a real looker. It also gets a premium design language along with premium full metal construction, which heightens its visual appeal and sturdiness. The device is also very sleek and slim at just 7.5 mm.

Now, it is good to mention that while the Coolpad Note 3 is a device that launched last year, the Le 1s is a comparatively new product that launched this year. So, it is more natural for the Le 1s to come with its premium metal unibody design, which has become more common in this year itself. Thus, when the Coolpad Note 3 launched it actually came with a good design and built and so its construction cannot be called sub-standard.

However, when design, built and visual appeal is concerned, the LeEco Le 1s is certainly the winner among these two.


The Le 1s comes packed with a 5.5 inch large full HD display with a screen resolution of 1080 pixel. This means that the smartphone’s screen is very bright, sharp and crisp with great color reproduction, visibility even in bright sunlight along with good viewing angles to offer a very pleasing smartphone experience.

The Coolpad Note 3 on the other hand, also comes with a 5.5 inch HD display that comes with a screen resolution of 720 pixel. This device also offers bright and vibrant screen with good viewing angles. While its screen resolution is lesser than the Le 1s, the difference is really not that noticeable. So, here both the devices are pretty much the same.


The LeEco Le 1s is powered by an octa core MediaTek Helio X10 Turbo processor that gets the support of a good 3 GB of RAM, while the Coolpad Note 3 gets equipped with an octa core MediaTek MT6753 chipset which is also backed by 3 GB of RAM.

The Le 1s comes with an onboard storage of 32 GB and its unibody design does not offer the flexibility of increasing the storage with a microSD card. The Coolpad Note 3 on the other hand offers an inbuilt memory of 16 GB, but it does come with the flexibility of expanding the storage capacity to up to 64 GB with the help of a microSD card.

Thus, performance-wise both the Le 1s and the Coolpad Note 3 offer the same capability and smooth smartphone experience, as both have similar chipset and also get 3 GB or RAM, but the Coolpad phone offers storage expandability which the Le 1s does not.

LeEco Le 1s LeEco Le 1s 02


run Android Lollipop wrapped under their respective UI’s.


Both the Le 1s and the Coolpad Note 3 come packed with a 13 MP primary rear camera and a 5 MP front facing secondary snapper. The primary cameras in both phones come with LED flash. Thus, in this department also the phones are not different from each other and both offer good picture quality as well as satisfactory selfie shooting experience.


Again, the LeEco Le 1s and Coolpad Note 3 both are juiced up by batteries of the same capacity – 3000 mAh. So, there battery life is also very similar.

Add-on Features

The LeEco Le 1s and Coolpad Note 3 both also offer the security and convenience feature of fingerprint scanner. While the Le 1s offers USB Type-C port which is its edge over the Coolpad phone, the latter has the convenience of micro-USB port.


The Coolpad Note 3 is the more affordable device among the two with a price tag of Rs. 8,999, while the LeEco Le 1s is tagged at Rs. 10,999. So, there’s a good 2k difference between these rivals which is kind of a lot in the budget segment.


The Coolpad Note 3 is certainly a great device which comes with powerful configuration and aggressive pricing. The Coolpad Note 3, despite being a budget phone offers great specs and features including a fingerprint scanner, which is simply great. On the other hand, the LeEco Le 1s offers very similar specs as the Coolpad Note 3, but offers a superb premium metal unibody design and a better display quality, and for these it also comes at an additional premium.

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