The many ways to make flowers last longer

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One of the most pocket-friendly yet appreciated gifts are flowers. Birthdays, weddings, ring ceremonies, anniversaries, farewells, flowers are all pervasive and everywhere. This is why services such as the flower delivery in Jaipur have become so popular. But what when someone sends you flowers that you want to keep beside your bed for a few days? Here’s how to preserve them.

flowers last longer

Soda –We use soda for various purposes and a bottle of the same is always available in our kitchens. But once the bottle is coming to an end, preserve the last few drops of it. In the pot of flowers, pour water mixed with 5 drops of soda. The latter contains sugar which helps the flowers to blossom for at least a week. It is preferable to use transparent and clear soda because you don’t want your pot looking messy.

Hair spray–The spray that maintains your hair also keeps the flowers fresh. What you have to do is – stand at a distance of about three feet from the vase, use the hair spray to spray the flowers and also put some of the spray in the vase. This will assure your flowers last longer.

Apple cider vinegar – Flowers are a gift which actually needs some dedication to be preserved.Make a paste of sugar and apple cider vinegar of equal quantity and mix it with the water carrying your flowers. Remember to throw away this water once every two days and replace with fresh one. Otherwise the flowers will not enjoy longevity.

Vodka–While you get high on it, the flowers get longevity. Flowers usually degrade when bacteria starts to grow. Add about 3-4 drops of Vodka into the flower vase for the antibacterial action, along with 1 teaspoon of sugar. Keep changing this water every few days to prevent the flowers from decaying.

Aspirin – This is an officially tested and great way to keep the flowers, roses mostly, stay fresh for a longer period. What you need to do is – put a broken aspirin in water and add this water to the vase holding the flowers. The water must be changed every two days.

Bleach – The fresh flowers in your vase will maintain their freshness for much longer if you mix about ¼ tsp bleach withapprox. 1 litre of clean water. As an alternative, also can be used 3 drops of bleach plus 1 tsp sugar in the similar amount of water. Bacterial growth will be restricted by this and the flowers will thus remain fresh.

Sugar – You have to dissolve 3 tablespoons of sugar and 2 tablespoons of white vinegar per 1/2litreof lukewarm water. When youfill the vase, make sure the cut stems have been well covered by about 4-5 inches of the water.

When you order flowers, you may also ask the online flower delivery company for more information and tips on preserving flowers for a longer period of time. Until then, enjoy the fragrance.

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