Oppo F5: Watch out Vivo V7 Plus!

Oppo F5

Introduction: Oppo is a fairly newer player in the smartphone market. It has always had a reputation for implementing stellar camera configurations in their devices and having decent overall configurations across its range. As a result it has had quite a lot of success in attracting Indian customers as we are fans of clicking pictures. In India though Oppo’s main competitors are Xiaomi and Vivo, the latter being a closer match for the brand than Xiaomi. Vivo recently launched the unique Vivo V7 Plus which was a great looker and…

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How Mobile App will improve your business profit?

Mobile App

Benefits/Advantages of investing money in a Mobile App for Your Business The mobile industry saw a huge development in a previous couple of years. The mobile app business is an arrangement of promoting devices for all organizations. The advancement of the mobile application is in some cases excessively costly and the general observation is that it is excessively costly, making it impossible to build up an application. In any case, one should likewise attempt to comprehend that the mobile application enhances the client engagement and also assembles a client base,…

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Top 10 Tech Gadgets You Can Buy Under 1500 INR

Tech Gadgets

Are you a gadget freak or does someone you love go crazy over gadgets? If you’ve answered this question in the affirmative, technology has done you a favor with the many gadgets and gizmos available in the market today. However, for many, budgets can be a concern. If you are one among them, don’t fret. Instead, look through the top ten gadgets that you can buy under 1500 INR and take your pick depending on your requirement. Trace Smartband by Noise This is the ultimate gadget that fitness freaks will…

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Samsung Note 7 – All You Need to know

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is going to launch soon on the 2nd of August and the whole world is excited by it! This is the new smartphone in the Note series, and what is most interesting about this phone is it is has literally skipped a generation. The previous phone to launch in the Note series is Samsung Note 5, and there is no Note 6. Now techie fans will be curious about why is there a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and no Galaxy Note 6. According to Samsung, the…

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Le 1s Vs Coolpad Note 3: Comparison

LeEco Le 1s

The smartphone market is full of truly wonderful new handsets that dazzle with looks as well as capabilities even while being priced very affordably. There are really many alluring affordable models in the current market which totally spoil the buyers for choice. Among these multitude of new devices though, only those become very successful and popular which offer better looks along with good overall smartphone experience. Design and aesthetic appeal matter a lot when a smartphone model is considered for a buy. A great design and good built quality create…

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Oppo F1 Plus: A selfie expert with 4 GB of RAM for Rs. 26,990

selfie expert

Seemingly unnoticed until a while back, this manufacturer has been quick to give us some really impressive devices. Not only has Oppo been offering good value for money but has also been constantly innovating. Earlier they offered a device with swivel camera and a remote which opened up a huge sea of possibilities for people who rely on their mobile devices for photography. The rear camera could swing to front and could be used to shoot excellent self portraits. Now they are trying to push the envelope yet again with…

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