This New Year’s Eve, safety first!

New Year’s Eve

It’s that time of the year again when you start planning about ushering in the New Year with much pomp and show. Those who don’t like flashy events will opt for something more quitter or subtle, but there is an unmistakable excitement that is prevalent throughout the world. There is a lot of planning involved in selecting the right place to party. People pre-book tables or entry passes for the most happening events with their loved ones or gang of craziest friends. But many people often forget an important aspect of their evening’s planning – safety.

There has been an increase in the number and variety of incidents that are occurring all over the world. With the introduction of new themes and technologies, partying sure has become fun, but the number of incidents that could occur has also increase. So the next time you are looking through the list of New Year parties in Bangalore, be sure to also make a list of your own about the safety measures you ought to take! Here are some of them listed for you:

  • Designated driver – This is a party safety tip that should be implemented by everyone for any kind of party in which alcohol or any extreme activities are involved! If you are planning to let your hair down and drink a large quantity of alcohol, you should make sure you don’t get behind the wheels. Similarly, you shouldn’t let anyone in an inebriated state to drive you home or to your resting place post-partying either. Decide amongst your friends who would not be drinking or participating in the most tiresome activities so that he or she is in a condition to be able to drive everyone back home. At the same time, the person can ensure that everyone else in the team is protected too.
  • Contact lenses – Those small discs that you wear to look smarter or to make your eyes look more appealing can become a nuisance if you indulge in smoking or staying up late in the night. Most large parties would include people who smoke, and the fumes that are emitted are irritating to a normal eye. But with contact lenses, the problem increases multiple-fold. Try and stay away from area where there are too many fumes, where fireworks will be used, or which are or too crowded, and wear protective eyeglasses if required.
  • Bottle stoppers – it is funny but people end up suffering small mishaps when they try and uncork a bottle, say a champagne bottle, because the cork may fly out with too much force if not put in properly or if the person opening the bottle is inexperienced. The best way to avoid such instances is to patiently open such bottles and only ask experienced people to do so.
  • Routes – Chart your travel routes if you are going to distant places. People often have a lot of company while travelling to a place but the roads back are often deserted. Chances of accidents and other mishaps happening on deserted places are higher.

The government, police, and other protective organizations do their bit to ensure there are no accidents on such a splendid day. But there are many precautionary measures that you can take yourself! Spend a few moments to know more about them and enjoy your new year’s bash without any worries!

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